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> Thank you. I figured it was going to require that kind of dogged
> determination. I guess it is time to get out the book of stamps
> <smile>. I want the information for sentimental reasons. I understand
> there is not a great deal of genealogical significance contained in
> them. Is that your finding as well?
> Elaine

This is what I found listed on a Declaration of Intention I received.

State where filed: Michigan
Circuit Court where filed: Circuit
County where filed: Crawford County
Name of Immigrant: William Gildner
Age: 45
Occupation: Laborer
Color: white
Complexion: fair
Height: 5 feet 6inches
Weight: 145 pounds
Color of hair: dark brown
Color of eyes: blue
Other visible distinctive marks: none
Born in: Wellesly, Dominion of Canada
Date of Birth: 13th day of March 1872
Place Emigrated from: Stratford, Canada
Vessel used: Grand Trunk Railroad
Last residence: Stratford, Dominion of Canada
He listed his wife's name: Odella (Odelia) Gildner (nee Schmaltz)
Place of birth: New Germany, Canada
Renounce allegiance to: George V King of Great Britain and Ireland and the
British Dominions beyond.
Port of Arrival: Port Huron
State of Arrival: Michigan
Day/Month/Year of arrival: 28th day of March 1900
He is not an anarchist/polygamist, etc.
Signed (His signature)
Date signed: 28th day of April 1917
Circuit Court Clerks' signature

You said: "I understand there is not a great deal of genealogical
significance contained in them."

Couldn't be further from the truth in this case.

Armed with this information I went to Wellesley and New Germany to search.
Before I was finished I managed to trace both families to Germany and the
years 1535 and 1550. A member of the Schmaltz and a member of the Gildner
families traveled to Germany (five times) to verify this information. They
came away with a picture of the original Schmaltz homestead and numerous
pictures of ancestors. An elderly German researching the Gildner surname
gave them information on all the Gildners born in Germany to date.

All from just one little "insignificant" document. :o}


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