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Subject: Re: [POLAND] Re: immigration
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 1999 09:53:11 -0400

Hello, I am having a problem researching my family Dec. of Intent papers ect. I
wrote to; U.S Dept. of Justice(INS)425 I street,NW,2nd
floor,Washington,DC,20536--for many surnames, and they found nothing. I know for
a fact that 2 of my surnames were naturalized. But still, they said they had
nothing. I couldn't find their papers in the court house. Am i writting to the
right office in Washington? What else could i be doing?


> Hello to all,
> In reference to immigration, I have one experience so far. After requesting
> and receiving a whole INS file, I am puzzled. There are 2 pictures in the
> file. One was taken when the person was much younger, so he would look
> different, right? The second picture is an older person in a WW2 military
> uniform. After looking over the file, I see the same given/surname,
> birthdate, village in Poland, etc., is listed. It appears the person was in
> and out of the U.S. more than once as there are 2 different destination
> addresses for re-entry to the U.S., plus a re-entry document which shows one
> arrival from Sweden, not Poland.
> The physical descriptions recorded on the documents, do not match. One is
> blonde, fair skin, taller and weighs less. The other has brown hair, dark
> skin, is shorter in height and weighs more. Fraternal twins, right? WELL, I
> found old church records for the names and parent's names, but so far, there
> are no twins listed for this family and village. Hair dye could have changed
> the blonde to brown, but what about the skin coloring, and height? One
> picture looks like a twin of my uncle, born 20 years later, but the other
> picture shows no resemblance.
> What are your thoughts and ideas on this?
> Thanks..............Mary
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