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From: "C. Brockfield" <>
Subject: [POLAND] appropriateness
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 1999 14:53:35 -0700

As you may know, I'm a newcomer to this mail group. I've participated in
some number of others which I would call "dead." Poland-Roots is anything
but. I've seen nothing quite like it since the old Polish Language group
on Prodigy years ago. There, expert Polish speakers and genealogists were
ever-ready to answer questions on any level of experience--just as in this
group. They also had lots of fun, just as this group does. Memories of
"________" and "________" (I dare not type those two words again!) that
engage others and serve to bring their
own reminiscences to life cannot be such a bad thing. Isn't genealogy about
making the past come alive?

Perhaps there is an unwritten (or written, that I just don't know about yet)
rule about restricting message content to date/place/source. If not, I
would hope we could continue as a place where everyone could feel free to
share what the have to share about the Old Country and their attempts to
pull back the veil. How hard can it be to disregard those messages which
hold no personal interest? Carol in CA

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