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Subject: [POLAND] Re: details for posterity
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1999 02:28:36 EDT

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As a child, my father remembered his father was gone for long periods of
and when he was home, his parents argued most of the time... When recording
family history, is any of the above information something that "you" would
include for posterity? Let me know what you think.>>

I have some oral stories from an uncle concerning my grandfather. He took
off a lot, maybe for jobs, maybe just to travel. (The way my uncle talked,
sounded more likely to travel.) He was also involved in a march in
Washington, D.C. He came back enough times to have fathered 10 children.

I intend to include these stories. It could be a 'genetic flaw' in my family
to have wander-lust. One of my brothers did the same thing for years, doing
day-labor all over the USA. One of my nephews is also travelling like that.
(But, neither was/is married & leaving any dependents behind.) We are now
trying to guess which of the next generation will be doing that too.

Anne Czubek

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