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Subject: Re: [POLAND] Kielbasa & Pierogi
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 1999 21:59:52 EDT

With time all of the old ways seem to vanish. My grandma Zuba used to make
homemade sausage, pierogi and horseradish. Alas, father married an "Irisher"
and she did not have the skill to make the dished from his youth. Although
she could make a mean boiled New England dinner. :-) They were married in
1961 and it was awful that each was to marry an "outsider." Father was from
a Polish family and mother was from an Irish family. <sigh> I try to
recreate some of the dishes from the "old" ways and I had my greatest luck
with my cabbage rolls. Father said they were just like his mom's. That made
me feel so great to be able to give that gift to him. They are all gone now,
including father. As time passes we come to a place where we have lost our
history and folkways. This forum should be a place to share all that is our
unique heritage. Both genealogical and cultural.

Be well,

Andrew (Andrzej) M. Zuba

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