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Subject: Re: [POLAND] Re: immigration
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 14:27:13 -0500

After 1906, each court was required to send a copy of all naturalizations
to the INS. However, this didn't always happen as it was supposed to.

You mention, though, that you did search at the courthouse. But not all
naturalizations occurred in the Circuit Court. For example, in Cook
County, Illinois, there are four different courts that processed
naturalizations, including the Circuit Court, County Court, Supreme Court,
and Criminal Court. These are all different entities with completely
different sets of records.

Try searching the LDS Catalog by county and by state under the topic of
naturalization and citizenship. If you find nothing there, then try
contacting a local genealogical society for more information about where
naturalizations took place in that locality.

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Subject: Re: [POLAND] Re: immigration

Hello, I am having a problem researching my family Dec. of Intent papers
ect. I
wrote to; U.S Dept. of Justice(INS)425 I street,NW,2nd
floor,Washington,DC,20536--for many surnames, and they found nothing. I
know for
a fact that 2 of my surnames were naturalized. But still, they said they
nothing. I couldn't find their papers in the court house. Am i writting to
right office in Washington? What else could i be doing?


> Hello to all,
> In reference to immigration, I have one experience so far. After
> and receiving a whole INS file, I am puzzled. There are 2 pictures in
> file. One was taken when the person was much younger, so he would look
> different, right? The second picture is an older person in a WW2
> uniform. After looking over the file, I see the same given/surname,
> birthdate, village in Poland, etc., is listed. It appears the person
was in
> and out of the U.S. more than once as there are 2 different destination
> addresses for re-entry to the U.S., plus a re-entry document which shows
> arrival from Sweden, not Poland.
> The physical descriptions recorded on the documents, do not match. One
> blonde, fair skin, taller and weighs less. The other has brown hair,
> skin, is shorter in height and weighs more. Fraternal twins, right?
> found old church records for the names and parent's names, but so far,
> are no twins listed for this family and village. Hair dye could have
> the blonde to brown, but what about the skin coloring, and height? One
> picture looks like a twin of my uncle, born 20 years later, but the other
> picture shows no resemblance.
> What are your thoughts and ideas on this?
> Thanks..............Mary
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