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From: "Jay & Carol Menges" <>
Subject: Re: [POLAND] Marking old paper items--and photos too
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 20:15:48 -0700

Is anyone experimenting with Laser Labels by Avery or any other brand of
address-type labels? When I came home from Europe with 37 rolls of film,
the last thing I wanted to do was to hand write all the captions. I started
by computer typing, printing onto regular paper, and then cutting the paper
into strips, and putting the pertinent strips in the photo holder sleeves
with the proper photos. However, the strips slip. Now I'm starting over
with my address-type labels (or slimmer varieties), and my saved-off disk of
captions. I'll stick those onto the back of the photo and under the photo,
on the sleeve. That way, the caption should stay on the photo no matter
whether or not the photo gets taken out of the sleeve for any reason, no
pressure-imprint is left by a pen of any kind, and I don't have to struggle
with those acid-free pens that, for me anyway, seem to take forever to dry
or else aren't dark enough (maybe our local crafts store doesn't sell a good
brand--but I haven't seen any better yet).

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