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From: Christine Dowd <>
Subject: [POLAND] Surname Search and Letter Writing
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 22:10:34 -0400

The keyword is persistence! I have been writing letters for three years
looking for info on my grandmother, and using the transgen service to
help me translate them. I had one letter that must have sounded downright
desperate - I was in a last ditch effort to find out ANYTHING about my
grandmother. The translator, who lives in Poznan, took pity on me, looked
in the phone book, and found a man in Poznan with my grandmother's
surname. She called him, he said he was from my ancestral town, was going
on holiday there soon, and asked that I write him immediately. I wrote
with all I knew (almost nothing), sent my letter off, and waited, and
waited, and waited. This past week I received a letter from this man, who
went home, visited the church and the civil registry office, asked
around, and figured out that his grandmother and my great grandfather
(grandma's father) were sister and brother! He sent me three pages of
family information, and about 10 photos, including one of my great
grandfather's home - still standing! And all because of persistence and
the kindness of strangers.... So keep writing, even if you don't get
replies - one may reveal a treasure eventually...

Christine Dowd
Researching SZAWARA with a lot more info than I had last week!

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