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From: Valerie Koselka <>
Subject: [POLAND] Polish food
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 09:08:44 -0500

I am getting inspired with all the discussion about gola~bki to make it
which is what happened when there was a long discussion about pierogi
last year. Made 8 dozen cheese and potato pierogi.
My mom used barley with the ground meat, only the best, and tomato soup
for the sauce when she made gola~bki. As a child, I loved the meat
filling and gave the cabbage to my dad. Today I would give anything to
have her gol~bki again, even eat the cabbage!.
A woman from church uses buckwheat groats when she makes her gol~bki and
my aunt adds kraut and mushrooms.
In fact, when this same aunt makes kielbasa and kraut, she adds potatoes
and beans to it because her dad(my grandpa) made it that way. Grandpa
was born near Kolbuszowa.
A cousin in Dupont calls gola~bki, "piggies" and has the butcher grind
pork butts to make the filling.
Variations in cooking styles and recipes are very interesting to me.
Thanks for listening to my two cents about Polish food.
Surnames: Warunek, Wojsowicz, Regula, Opiela, Zadlo, Tuchewicz,
Zyzelewski, Hoppe, Hartke, Kwiatkowski, Kasa

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