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Subject: [POLAND] Re: 1929 Polish Business Directory
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 16:57:55 EST

Hi Alan and listers -

I think people may be under the wrong impression with the 1929
Polish Business Directory. The Directory includes all business
owners during 1929 whether Polish, Jewish, or whatever.
JewishGen has done everyone a great service by this excellent
site. Those of us who don't speak Polish can easily look up the
words in the dictionary, and right next to the town listing in Polish
is the identical listing in French. Between the two languages,
I did pretty well! I found all my ancestral villages and towns except
where my father was born, which was an osada (settlement)
and was only one year old or less in 1929. Interesting to note
that ancestors still remained in these places in 1929! The site
gives much more than a listing of business owners. For example,
it shows how many people lived in the town. Good luck to all
with this excellent site!

Eve Jankowicz

> I have a question of great curiosity. If all of us are searching the
> same thing -- information about our ancestors -- why are there separate
> projects based on religion? Has there ever been an effort made to unite
> the Christian and Jewish efforts to research, index, catalog, etc.
> information about ALL the Polish people?=20
> -- Alan Kania
> Subject: [POLAND] 1929 Polish Business Directory
> JRI Poland has completed of Phase 1 of this project. Comments from
> Howard Fink, Database Manager of this project,=20
> "I am very happy, and relieved, to announce that Phase 1 of the huge
> Jewish Records Indexing Poland / JewishGen "1929 Polish Business
> Directory Project" is complete: the indexing of all of the towns in the
> Directory is finished. JRI-Poland volunteers completed the data entry of
> the town index in early December and I have spent the last several weeks
> editing the data.
> The file of the index of towns, identified as "wojew=F3dztwo" (province)
> or "powiat" (district), is larger than almost any of the individual town
> vital records databases in the JRI- Poland database. The Business
> Directory Town Index identifies over 34,000 towns. This in itself
> provides an exciting new resource, similar to ShtetlSeeker."
> Link to database: http://www.jewishgen.org/jri-pl/bizdir/start.htm
> Marv (MI)

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