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From: Patrick Bohinski <>
Subject: Re: [POLAND] Polish 'colonies' in USA
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 23:58:30 -0400
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Susan, the "Posen" you refer to as being in Russian occupied Poland was
actually in German occupied Poland. The Polish name for the city is
Poznan and while the area was occupied by Germany it was known by the
German name Posen. To the best of my knowledge there was/is no other
Posen in Poland.


Susan Masters wrote:

> Laura, This is all very interesting to hear...thanks for sharing with
> us. The timing is funny since I was talking to a young man yesterday
> by the last name of Posen who surprised me when he mentioned that he
> was Polish. He gave me variations of the family name and mentioned
> that they were from this town that you mention in your email. Also he
> mentioned that Posen, Nebraska was named after the town in Poland
> (Russia) with the similar spelling. I hope you get a lot of
> interesting feedback from your letter... ~Susan
> From: Laura Anderson <>
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> To:
> Subject: [POLAND] Polish 'colonies' in USA
> Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2002 19:23:28 -0400
> Hi List,
> I have done a lot of work already on most of my ancestors. I have the
> names and dates for nearly everyone. I am also quite interested in
> the why
> and how of their migrations and decisions when they arrived in the USA.
> I will give a brief overview of what I have come across, and then I would
> like to invite anyone who has some knowledge about these events to add to
> the discussion. Or, feel free to ask questions about it and see where
> the
> topic takes us.
> In the early 1870's emigration from the Polish areas of Prussia, West
> Prussia, etc. began to increase. I know of many other destinations,
> but I
> am most interested in the USA. In 1875 the first Polish Catholic
> church in
> Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA was founded. There was (and still is!) a
> large Polish population there. This church was St. Stanislas Kostka.
> One
> of the early priests there was Father Antoni KLAWITER.
> At this same time, 1874-75, in Chicago, Illinois, USA the Polish Roman
> Catholic Union of America (PRCUA) was founded and having an annual
> conference to determine how to help Polish people keep their traditions,
> religion, etc. It was difficult for many Poles to keep their heritage in
> the big cities. This PRCUA conference discussed the need for a committee
> to find a suitable place in the USA to establish a Polish oolony, to
> preserve the values and heritage. Two members of this committee were
> Father Antoni KLAWITER and Jan (John) BARZYNSKI. They searched the
> midwestern area of the USA and came up with an area of good farm land in
> central Nebraska. Some of the first settlers there lived on Oak Creek,
> straddling the county line between Sherman County and Howard County,
> Nebraska. Father Antoni KLAWITER helped found the first Polish church
> west
> of the Mississippi (so they say), in Posen, Nebraska. It was called St.
> Anthony's of Padua. He moved on shortly thereafter.
> Jan BARZYNSKI was a newspaper publisher, first in Missouri, then Detroit,
> and finally in Chicago. He became a land agent for the railroad and
> started advertising the cheap land. Between KLAWITER and BARZYNSKI, most
> of the settlers in the years 1877-1890 came from Pittsburgh,
> Pennsylvania,
> USA and Chicago, Illinois, USA and a fair number from Michigan.
> Both my paternal grandparents' families came to settle in Nebraska. One
> family came from Pittsburgh and one family from Chicago. Well, not
> exactly
> Chicago, but Kankakee County, south of Chicago.
> Does anyone else have family that followed this migration? Were they
> lured
> by advertisements or word of mouth? How did they travel? How did they
> communicate with family back in the 'old country'? What did they tell
> them? What was it like for Poles at this time in America? I would
> appreciate hearing from anyone with theories, questions or facts...
> Thanks,
> Laura
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