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From: "Jean Wallace" <>
Subject: [POLAND] Adversity to Polish Ancestry
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 22:17:08 -0400

In trying to find a subject that fit this quarry I felt that best described it.

All our lives my family has known and have been very proud of their German ancestry. As both maternal and paternal lines are very much German. However, a few months ago while reading some of our family history in a book done by a cousin in the 1980's there is a paragraph that tells of my ggrandmothers (Wilhelmina Clara SCHARIKUFSKI) polish roots. It's a very small mention of the fact that my ggrandfather never thought of her as Polish because she was born on German land. She was also Jewish her father, a Jewish rabbi, was publicly executed with the entire family watching. According to her it was in Posen, Poland. (this being told by her grandson that was raised by her and my ggrandfather.)

I tell all of this simply to get an answer as to why these facts were never really told to us. It almost seems as though they were swept under the rug and forgotten. Even now when I bring up the fact that we have Polish roots the family wants to deny it. Even my own children who know nothing of the Polish heritage or any other heritage for that matter do not want to admit it.

Now, I have heard the "Polak" jokes all my life. But, then I hear Blonde jokes and every other kind. That doesn't make me think being a blonde would be a bad thing nor did I ever believe any of things I heard about the Polish. And quite frankly, after spending much of the last few months reading the messages on this list I am quite proud of my roots.

I don't understand how the feelings toward the Poles started in the first place. Can anyone explain this to me? Why don't people want to admit their Polish history. It makes no sense to me why we should be proud to be Germans who spent most of the time oppressing and murdering innocent people and be ashamed to be Polish who I don't think ever hurt anyone?
I don't mean to sound anti- German I certainly am not. I love my ancesters. I am just saying that I love them no matter who they were, because I am part of them no matter what, and I am who I am because of them. I hope this makes sense.



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