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From: "gary and rhonda simpson" <>
Subject: Re: [POLAND] Adversity to Polish Ancestry
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002 08:32:57 -0700
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I have a similar story in my ancestry. The first generation Canadians (I'm
second) insist that we are German.
Yet they all readily admit that Oma was from Zhytomyr Russia now in Ukraine,
and Opa from the Warsaw area of Poland. I'm not sure how far back the
families left the Berlin area of Germany but it appears to be 1700'.
When I was in the service my clearance got held back, then when granted they
said being a white Russian was didn't hurt me.
How many generations had to be born in a country before they were that
Nationality? My parents both 1st generation carried Canadian Passports ,
were Canadian, born and raised. Me too. So why aren't our ancestors the
Nationality of their birth. As most left because of persecution of one sort
or another it seems strange that they "hang onto" this notion of Nationalism
to a country they couldn't wait to get out of.
Just my thoughts

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