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From: Thaddeus Ciechanowski <>
Subject: Re: [POLAND] Adversity to Polish Heritage
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 03:52:01 -0700 (PDT)
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You're reasoning is flawed. Your statements are
nothing but propaganda.

1) You stated that the Poles assisted the Nazis.
That's absolutely preposterous. Sure there were some
who aided the Nazis, there will always be traitors,
but there were also an equal number or more of Jews
that aided the Communists.
2) You stated that the residents of Auschwitz knew
what was going on and did nothing. The Concentration
Camp system for the most part was cloaked in secrecy.
Even the German people and common soldiers did not
know what was going on inside the camps. There were
only rumors.
3) Your think in 21st century mindset, think like a
1940s Pole who is given a death sentence for aiding a
Jew. In fact, I don't know if you are a family man,
but think of watching your small children shot one by
one in front of you, then your wife, and finally you.
It wouldn't take long for me to say my family is more
important to me than a stranger. I would expect the
same from you, or any other righteous person.
4) Today, a lot of the animosity is from the feeling
the Poles get from Jewish organizations that the Poles
"owe" them, that the Jews were the only ones executed
in the CCs. Need I remind you that 3M Jews were
eliminated in Poland, but also 3M Polish Christians
were also killed during the War. After the Jews, the
Poles were the second largest group to suffer under
the Nazis.


--- wrote:
> Some of the anger with Poland and Polish people is
> the way they acted during
> WWII. History of anti-Semitism and assisting the
> Nazis. Aushwitz is the
> most notorious of the Camps. And, the people in the
> nearby town said they
> knew nothing. This is a reason for some of the
> feelings about the country
> and its people.
> Michael Kretman
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