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Subject: Re: [POLAND] Re: Adversity to Polish Heritage
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 17:08:59 EDT

Not the way I remember the early W.W.II history. Poland resisted -- hard --
for a period of time (about 100 days -- maybe longer), but with no one coming
to their aid and hoping to avoid a blood bath, they capitulated. Poland, in
my memory was a beautiful, culturally sophisticated society bloodied by every
imaginable horror. Take a minute and think about it.... What would you do to
save your family or yourself if a demonic enemy overpowered us here in our
own neighborhood? Think it would never happen? Think again. Read your
history books. Pray, and pray hard that what happened in Europe from the
1930s through 1945 ... and more recently in Bosnia ... never NEVER happens
here. Pray what's happened to the Kurds in Iraq, to the blacks and whites in
Africa, to Hindu's in India, or Muslims in Pakistan, or vise-versa, and to us
-- in New York City on 9/11; the list goes on and on. ...

Slurs of all stripes are billboards of blatant ignorance and warning signs of
impending danger to our cherished civilization. Do do the homework, and do
it NOW. (By the way any of you ever watch NOW on PBS?)

Footnote: Still haven't found the place in Europe where an immigrant might
have thought to call it: Pol/Russ/Yiddish, in the 1910 Census... any clues

Best regards to all listers.... Jo DAVIS, searching Maurice/Morris/M.A.
DAVIS and M. Amelia DAVIS

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