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Subject: [POLAND] Re: POLAND-ROOTS-D Digest V02 #867 Pol/Rus/Yiddish/ Belarus
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2002 08:29:34 -0700 (PDT)
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Hope this shows Lida, which is in Belarus (literally - White Russia, I think).
Less than 200 miles to the north is Vilnius, Lithuania (formerly Wilno, Poland).
200 miles NW is KAUNAS Lithuania
200 +/- miles SW is Bialystok, Poland and Grodno, Belarus
Less than 50 miles SE is Navahrudak, Belarus, once part of Poland
200 miles to east is Minsk, Belarus
Ivye is about (guessing 15-30 miles) Lida
And at one time this was part of Poland, part of Russia and there were Tatars and, Jewish communities in Ivje and Vilnius

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> Dear Ed: About issue two: Thank you thank you thank you!!! Would
Belarus be in/near the areas you mention? Just checking my geography :) Jo

Edward Potereiko / Poterejko / Poteryjko / [TARNOPIL Region]
Bazarewitz / Bazarewicz [WILNO Region]
Bajrashevskaya / [WILNO region]
Bedrijowska / Bedreyowska / Bedryjowska [SE Poland Region near Dukla]
Grevach / Grevoch / Grzewach / Grzywoch / Hryleacz / Heyleacz [SE Poland]
Rafalowitz / Rafalewitch /Rafulowitz / Rafalowicz [Ivje / Lida Region]
Makuch / Makuh / Rotkowitz / Rotkowich [SE Poland near Dukla]

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