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Subject: [POLAND] Re: Adversity to Polish Heritage
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 13:36:04 EDT

Richard has a very valid point, and here we have the crux of this
sudden "adversity" matter. The blame is being shifted from the
bad guys (Nazis, Soviets) to an entire country (Poland) where the
Jews lived in relative peace for centuries. WE MUST ALL NEVER
This is getting twisted now
and not enough people are correcting this grave error or
convenient omission.

This adversity or animosity towards Poland is a fairly recent occurrence, I
feel. With the passing of time more and more
survivors die. Most of the victims who still survive were very,
very young during the War. Those that were adults during the
War are mostly gone. Certainly those that were middle-aged
adults are now deceased. I feel that these people for the most
part had no animosity towards prewar Poland and loved their
life there. These victims knew who the true bad guys were!
It seems to me that some of their grandchildren, great
grandchildren, and perhaps even some of their children have
gotten carried away and could be changing their stories.

Why do I think this? From reading and learning as much as
possible about the topic throughout the years. My family were
also victims of World War II, but of the Soviets. They were not
gassed, their bodies burned, but when looking at pictures of
these poor victims after their ordeal, there is no difference, for
they were also walking, breathing skeletons for the most part.

I have an aunt who was 8 at the beginning of the War. She
does not remember much. I have a cousin who was born in
September 1939! He remembers nothing, which is good
considering what his family suffered. During the War the
Soviets killed many more millions than the Nazis, but this fact
rarely receives any press. Interesting too that some Jewish
people are now stating that many were saved from the
Holocaust by joining the Soviet army. (Many of them were
later killed by the same Soviet regime, but they neglect to
mention this.) Here we have a second situation where the bad
guys are being turned into good guys. Blame is being shifted
from where it belongs to Poland.

The Jewish students written about below were wrong in their
behavior. When visiting other countries, we ALL serve as
ambassadors-at-large from our country of origin and must be
on our best behavior at ALL times, wherever we are and whatever
we are doing. Visitors to other countries cannot be "Ugly
Americans/Canadians/Israelis," or whatever.

Please keep things in perspective. Always remember who the
"bad guys" were.


> That's interesting. Blame the students for the discrimination inflicted by
> the citizen of the country they are visiting. That must be it. Also, that
> must be the reason Hitler killed 6 million Jews. He didn't like their
> attitude either.
Could it also be the attitude of the Jewish student when they visit Poland.
When I was in Poland for a visit and went to Auschwitz to see this place that
will forever be a reminder to the world of the cruelty and treatment of
humans, The methods of death that was used.
All the people that where there walked around with reverence and
respect for what had happened there. The Jewish students that I observed
there that day, Walked around with a Jewish flag and seemed to take over any
exibit that they where at as if they owned the place.

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