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Subject: Re: [POLAND] Re: Adversity to Polish Heritage and more
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 19:31:49 EDT

I recently went and took a series of classes at a Reform Synagogue.
Actually, I am going to go again as it is very difficult to understand the
religion, I believe, if you haven't grown up with it and certainly a few
months doesn't even scratch the surface. I would recommend this to anyone
who has grown up in an antiSemitic family. I was raised by a Polish
grandmother. I found my relatives in Poland just a couple of years ago and
they and their friend came to stay at my house. They acknowledged that they
wanted the Jews out of Poland and that, while this wasn't nice, it is the way
things are. I was somewhat taken aback because these are young people in
their late twenties, well-traveled, affluent and educated. A couple of
years ago I met a somewhat well known Jewish man from Poland. We had chosen
the same restaurant for breakfast and we struck up a conversation, I think,
as only strangers do. We talked about my Polish ancestors. I told him that
whenever I asked my grandma about her feelings about the Jews, she would say
they were dirty. He said that that is a common thing to say about any race
or religion when you can't really be specific about your reasons for
disliking another race or religion. Not to oversimplify, but I think that
probably she didn't know why she felt the way she did.

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