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From: Debbie Greenlee <>
Subject: Re: [POLAND] Re: How do I proceed?
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 2004 11:36:15 -0500
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I located a Passenger Arrival Record ON the Ellis Island web site and I
think it's your grandfather.
He's Indexed as Jan Chrapowitz arrived May 20, 1906, through Hamburg.
Interestingly enough the actual manifest shows that the ship docked May
19, 1906. The ship left Hamburg on May 9, 1906. Note that the
transcriber did read his name correctly from the manifest.

If you searched for your grandfather using the given name "John" or not
using the "Ch" at the beginning of his surname, it's no wonder that you
didn't find him. The names listed on the Passenger Arrival Records are
the names the immigrants were born with, not the names that developed
after they'd been in the US for awhile.

Click here to see the transcribed manifest.

Click on VIEW ORIGINAL SHIP MANIFEST and then click on the magnifying
glass to view the record. There is only one page to this manifest BTW.

You'll notice that the transcriber did not list an ethnicity for Jan yet
the manifest indicates he was Russian/Polish. This means his birthplace
is located in the part of Poland that was controlled by Russia at the
Notice also he was 19 on arrival, putting his DOB 1887. He was going to
Providence, Rhode Island. Jan was single when he arrived so he and your
grandmother did marry in the US. His Last Place of Residence is written
Kramarschewa but that is probably a phonetic spelling. I think what you
already have, Kramarzewo is correct.

Jan stated he was going to see a cousin, Feliks (Felix on the manifest)
Jarlowski. That familial connection isn't necessarily correct especially
since Jan didn't have a street address for Feliks.

Raven Fan wrote:
> My grandfather: John Hrapowicz (discovered the Polish name would most
> likely have been Chrapowicki/Chrapowicz) Info I have: Born: 24 June 1887
> Kramarzewo, Poland. Immigrated from Hamburg, Germany about 10 May 1906 to New York on or about 20 May1906. He does not recall the name of his ship, he says on DOI & Pa forms.
> I've looked at the passenger lists for the 2 German ships that would have docked about that May 20 (none actually docked that day). He's not listed. I don't know how to look at Hamburg passenger lists. He's not listed on Ellis Island.
In the 1920 Census his name is spelled "happowicz" In the 1930 Census
his name is spelled "Heappowicz". On the censuses it says his 1st 2
daughters were born in Rhode Island but there is no listing for them
there. I don't know where he got married. My grandmother states she
immigrated here in 1905 so I assume it was somewhere in the US.
> Bobbi McCaffrey

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