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Subject: Re: [POLAND] I would like to know??????
Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 16:02:22 -0400
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Tom: You might want to just do a search on Polish National Church and see
what you get. The breakaway took place, I believe, in the USA. Here in
Cleveland there are two Polish National Churches and the Cleveland Polish
Gemological Society meets at one on Broadway. There is a lot of
similarities and as some one has said, I believe one can receive communion
in the others church. There is a close relationship between John Paul II
and the leaders of the Polish National Church. Did you read where a bishop
has a disagreement with a Polish parish over church ownership. The parish
has always been owned by the people but the new Bishop says that no longer
is the case. I believe I read it in the Polish American Journal. Later, I
may do a search on the Polish National Catholic Church.

Marv Pozdol in Cleveland

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Subject: [POLAND] I would like to know??????

> I am asking this question because I do not know what the differance is
> between the two are. I know many of you will laugh, but I do not know the
> differance. Here is what I would like to know: The differance betwwen the
> National Church and the RC Church.
> Tom Pal
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