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From: "john f o'neill" <>
Subject: [POLAND] My Polish relatives
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2007 11:24:31 +0100

I hope this is the right place at last. I am trying to find relatives of my father Franciszek Imbirowski who was killed in action when the ORP Orkan was sunk by torpedo on 08-10-1943. He married my mother in July 1943 in Marleybone, London. I was born John Francis Imbirowski on 10-03-1942. I later changed my surname to O'Neill (my step-father's). I know that he (my father), had a younger sister named Zofia born 30-11-1918 in Kania, Szubin, Posnan, as was my father on 08-01-1916. My fathers parents were Teresa and Kazamierz and at the time of my father's service in the UK they were living at Bydgoszcz,ulica Lacowa 9. Obviously the person I realy need to find is my father's sister Zofia, I am just hoping that she survived, married, and had a family, and if she's not alive herself, (she'd be coming up to 89 soon if she was.) some of her family are and we could find and contact them. How happy it would make us and them, I'm sure. Please say that you can help us, or will try anyway.
John Francis O'Neill (Imbirowski)

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