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From: Bronwyn Klimach <>
Subject: Re: [POLAND] Antoni Lewandowski death record
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2009 22:49:57 +0000
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I think the likey workings of the system are explained here:

On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 10:13 PM, Chris Smolinski <
> wrote:

> I noticed that for some marriage records, mostly in the 1810-1820
> period, the priest would write "according to the Sokoly Parish church
> book age 26", or even better "according to Puchaly Parish church
> book, born year 1790, on day 21 April". So in those cases, the priest
> certainly did check the books. And it is great when he wrote an exact
> birthdate! I thought perhaps this was being done for young people,
> to make sure they were of age, but I've seen cases of exact
> birthdates given for 36 year old men getting married.
> I've seen the same thing for a widow/widower getting married, where
> the priest will give the exact death date for their former spouse.
> Actually it is more common then, from my experience. Yet the ages of
> the groom/bride are still often way off, so he's not checking their
> birthdates, just verifying that the spouse is dead and it is OK to
> marry them.
> I've also seen things like "age 25 according to an excerpt from the
> Sokoly Parish books" from a marriage record from nearby Kobylin
> parish. Hmm... did the Kobylin priest visit Sokoly to check out when
> the guy was born? Or was he getting a copy of the banns from Sokoly,
> which contained the age?
> IIRC, the phrase "excerpt" only appears when the record in question
> is from *another* parish. So that implies to me that the Kobylin
> priest has a copy (perhaps abbreviated) of the records from Sokoly.
> Sokoly and Kobylin parishes are adjacent, and there were a lot of
> marriages with one party from each parish, so I can see how it would
> be handy for the priest to have his own "set of the books". Which
> raises a very interesting question - do some parishes have records
> from other parishes, tucked away? Perhaps from parishes where their
> own records have been lost in the proverbial fire?
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