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First off take a deep breath and get ready to have fun from all of the leads
you get from this wonderful list.

Try this link via Search Labs (free)

You may want to list information for more current members of you family
(deseased of course) so they can be tracked backwords.


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>I have a few questions and I'm at my wits end on what else to do etc. I've
>been trying for 9 years since I began my quest . My father and all his
>siblings are deceased so I have no one to question. I have been trying to
>find when my grandparents were married. His name Josef (ph) and her name
>Marayana Woros (varied spellings of Woroscz, Worosz, Wors, Borosz, Waras)
>I found them in the 1910 census living in Chester PA and married for 4
>years. It stated that he arrived in 1902 and she in 1904. I have
>contacted, Chester County, Delaware County, Philadelphia and St. Hedwig's
>Church in Chester, PA. The counties could not find any info and the church
>would not help me unless I had their marriage date (duhhh!) I just don't
>know what else to do. Also on the 1910 census it listed a sister
>Juliana, and a brother Michel of my grandfathers living with them. I can't
>find them after that. On the Hamburg Passenger lists in Ancestry.com I
>found my grandfather Josef Tomaka arriving M!
> arch 18,1902. When I pulled the information up it listed "other household
> members" and so I clicked on that and it brought up a Valentyn Tomaka
> arriving in Feb 1902. Can I be sure that this was his brother? I haven't
> been able to find him since in any census' etc. Told you I had questions.
> ;). I also cannot find Juliana on any immigration list, she arrived in
> 1908. I did find Michel arriving in 1910 and I was elated in finding out
> his fathers name was Jan. All came from Laka, Poland, Austria, except
> Valentyne who was from Krasne. I found that city on a map but no Laka. I
> wrote earlier and found out that there are 3 Lakas in Poland. I know
> this sounds as if I want someone to do my history but like I said, I just
> don't know how to connect any dots. I keep hitting walls and since I do
> not speak, write or read Polish it's really rough. Any advice or even
> knowledge as to any of this or what road I should take. I can't really
> afford to much to pay anyone, I have list!
> ed this info on Roots message boards and Random Acts of Kindness and
> I am willing to assist anyone that I can from where I live, Grand Haven,
> Michigan, 35 minutes west of Grand Rapids in turn for their help but no
> one has done so. I have been to the Library in Grand Rapids who supposedly
> has a large Polish population but the librarian was of very little
> assistance in the genealogy dept. She did not know of any local Polish
> Gen. society to help me so I did not get anywhere there. Help! I'll take
> anything at this point. I thank you in advance, Ellen Fritz
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