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Subject: Re: [POLAND] Manifest Lists Krasno, Russland
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Thanks for finding that.

> Do you have any other clues to his village/area of birth?
None - other than verbal "Galicia". I came across this Thomas and the birth date AND immigration date fit so I had my fingers crossed. I have obtained marriage and death records of him, his wife, family members (church and other), but nothing has a birth location. The 1920 census stated that he filed papers for naturalization, but he died before the 1930 census. I've checked the federal court records at the local NARA, but they said that they do have him in their records and referred me to the MA Supreme Judicial Court Archives where county court records are now held. Just haven't had the time to go that route yet...looks like that's my next stop though.


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> I can't seem to find the corresponding arrival paperwork to cross check


The arrival manifest has his surname written Dank (not Danek). His
country of birth is Russia and his last residence is Krasnow. He seems
to be grouped together with the surrounding passengers by a bracket
(drawn on the manifest), and two others seem to have the same last
residence. They are all from Russia. So, either the Galicia reference
you have isn't accurate, or this isn't the right guy. :( Do you have
any other clues to his village/area of birth?

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