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From: "Nicholas Sturm" <>
Subject: Re: Martin Poling
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 03:24:50 -0500

The past few days I've been studying through Clerissa Tatterson's work to
see if I can find more than the obvious.

Although Clerissa suggests that Samuel (s/o Martin & Elizabeth) "may not
have returned to Scott County, Ind as his estate settlement was recorded in
Probate Book 6:172-129 in 1842" that was actually 15 years after the Deed
was made (perhaps in part to correct inadequacies in Martin's Will) in 1827.

It appears that this Samuel of Harrison Co., VA and Scott County, IN had two
wives unless there is a typographic error in Mrs. Tatterson's work. The
widow of Samuel who settled his estate appears to have the name Eleanor (p.
75), not Deborah.
This sale of property in Doddridge appears the earliest reference that
associates Samuel (s/o Martin) directly to Doddridge county, but several
descendants are found there later. Have you any information regarding this
"2nd" wife?

If I read correctly Rev. John H. is Samuel's son and since he was buried in
the Poling Cemetery on Booths Creek, near Boothsville, Harrison Co., VA (the
cemetery set aside in Martin's will it would appear), it seems quite
possible that Samuel, dying in
1842 would be in that cemetery. Just conjecture.

Three of Samuel's children married members of the Miller family (Harrison?
or Doddridge?). Not until we get to Samuel (s/o Samuel (s/o Martin)) do we
Dodridge mentioned with a family member --except for widow Eleanor selling
the Samuel land on Toms Fork of Middle Island Creek (then Harrison -- far
western but later Doddridge). There is a specific suggestion that William
also lived in
Doddridge to 1854 when he apparently went to Washington (Co.?), PA (see
below which appears to be William (s/o Martin) and not William (s/o Samuel
(s/o Martin)).
Mrs. Tatterson also seems to have no awareness of the surname Tull for
Martin's wife although Elizabeth does appear in some of the records and also
in the 1820 census of Harrison (where some have interpreted Poland as
Polard, a common misreading of the name in classic records). It is likely
that Tull was either from
Maryland or Loudoun Co., VA. Any ideas on this?

There seems no question that Samuel (s/o Martin) married first in (or near)
Harrison County. The name Howard is found in early Monongalia also.

I found these two families in 1810 in Harrison, the year Samuel married
Deborah Howard:

Census, Harrison Co., 1810

John Howard
Males Under 10 - 0 Females Under 10 - 0
Males 10-16 - 1 Females 10-16 - 1
Males 16-26 - 2 Females 16-26 - 2
Males 26-45 - 0 Females 26-45 - 0
Males 45-up - 1 Females 45-up - 1

William Howard
Males Under 10 - 0 Females Under 10 - 2
Males 10-16 - 0 Females 10-16 - 0
Males 16-26 - 0 Females 16-26 - 0
Males 26-45 - 1 Females 26-45 - 1
Males 45-up - 0 Females 45-up - 1

It would appear the John Howard might be the father of Deborah. No direct
just possibility.

I found this family in 1850 Gilmer (Doddridge came in part from Gilmer, I

Dwelling and Household Number 348
Enumerated Aug. 20, 1850

N. Poland age 30 years M Farmer b. Va.
Reachel " 27 F b. "
Wesley " 7 M b. "
Frank " 3 M b. "

The index for my Va 1850 census set indicate there is a Bridget Poland in
County which is adjacent Gilmer and may have been a source of some
However, even with a very pale page, it is clear the Bridget is not Bridget
but probably Bridget Runyan 41 years, b. Va. and immediately above is Nancy
Poland (probably) age 21 years; both appear to be designated idiotic and are
in a household headed by ????? Williamson, age 74, b. MD, his wife, Ann M.
age 70 (?), b. PA with Ellen M., age 32, property $5000.

I found only two Polands in index for Harrison Co., 1850, but perusal of
that page
showed three families:

Dwelling & Household Number 627
Enumerated on 21st August 1850

Jonathan Poland 24 M Farmer b. Va.
Lydia 17 F b. " (age
may be 19)

Dwelling & Household Number 628

Jonathan Poland 24 M Farmer b. Va. (Should be
Rev. Jonathan)
Margaret (?) 20 F b. "

Dwelling & Household Number 630
William Poland 49 M Farmer $3000 b. Va.
Sarah 48 F b. "
Rohama 22 F b. "
Emily 18 F b. "

That's the limit of my current finds.

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Date: Monday, January 25, 1999 3:58 AM
Subject: Martin Poling

>-- [ From: Carrie P. Bell * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --
> " I found this in my papers that I was going through I dont know who
>it is from
> Martin Poland (Poling) b. 1775 in Monmouth, NJ; d. 1814 in Harrison
> married Elizabeth Tull,
> children:
> 1. Samuel Poling b. 17 oct 1792; d. 4 sep. 1842; married Deborah
>Howard, 14 June 1810 she was=20
> 2. Margaret Poling, b. abt 1794; married Samuel Howard, 12 dec 1811
> 3. Elinor Poling, d. by Oct 1837; married Michael Seas, Jr 4 Oct
> 4. William Poling b. 1 Apr 1801, Harrison WV; d. 16 July 1883;
>maried/1 Sarah Sapp, 29 Feb 1824; married/2 Roanna
> 5. Anna Poling, b. 1804 Harrison WV; married John M. Haney, 15 mar
> 6. Sarah (Polly) Poling; married William Current, 4 jan 1824
> sources of information: will of Martin Poling, Harrison Co, WV;
>1810, 1820, 1830 Census of Harrison Co WV; Endownment House baptisms,
>book c, p. 420; marriage bonds and minister returns of Harrison Co, WV"
>Bless you, Gail! I've been a subscriber to the Poling list almost from
>the beginning but this is the first post that I've seen about my line!
>This Martin is the one in Chapter VII of Tatterson's book, but not being
>able to look at the entire book as of yet, I've had a hard time trying
>to figure out which line of Poling's/Poland's he comes from. I hope
>someone can help me out in that regard. There is some new informtion
>for me here. Also some new questions raised. What is the Endownment
>House?--a church? Does anyone know where this was located? Anyone have
>any idea who Elizabeth Tull's parents are?
> My line goes through Martin's son Samuel, who married Deborah Howard.
> At this point it appears the family started using the spelling Poland
>and by a couple of generations later is was shortened to Polan, which is
>my maiden name. Thanks again, Gail for providing this information.
> Carrie
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