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Subject: Resthaven Cemetery, Washington, Wilkes Co, GA
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 14:14:02 EDT

This is further to my earlier note in response to Jean Rhoads Camas
() E-Mail to POPE-L list of 7 Jul 1999 Subj: John Pope, b.
This is a copy of the Resthaven Cemetery, Washington, Wilkes Co, GA.

David POPE
2407 Hodges Bend Circle
Sugar Land, TX 77479

CNIDR Isearch-cgi 1.20.06 (File: resthav2.txt)

Resthaven Cemetery Inscriptions Surnames J-Z Wilkes County, GA

Resthaven is the city Cemetery for Washington Georgia. This survey was
completed in early 1999 by Larry Butler and Janice Turner but most of the
hard work was done by Larry. Anyone who finds this useful should send a
note of appreciation to . There are 3,057 entries in
this survey and at least half of them required cleaning headstones. All
were checked twice. There is a very early cemetery book for Wilkes County
containing Resthaven. After the survey Larry checked our early entries.
There are some entries in that book which simply are not in marked graves.
Several of those entries were entered with ** where we know of unmarked
graves to which these must refer. No female was named a "spouse" just
because she was buried beside a male most likely a husband. Only if the
marriage is mentioned on the headstone or we have a marriage in the
marriage records were individuals named wife or husband.

This is our last endeavor of this size and scope. We hope the surveys
of the Cemeteries of Wilkes County have been useful to many.

Alsop Effie Hill 05-Sep-1892 14-Jun-1932
d/o John J. & Mary Pope Hill
Anthony Clara J. ??-???-1838 ??-???-1903
Clara Julia Pope, w/o Edwin M. Anthony
Anthony Edwin M. ??-???-1836 ??-???-1899
h/o Clara Julia Pope-CSA
Beasley Lang NO DATE 03-Feb-1877
Inf s/o Dr James A. & Lucy Pope Beasley
Beasley Lucy Pope, Mrs NO DATE 04-Sep-1879
Lucy Pope, w/o James A. Beasley
Cartledge Cornelia B. Pope ??-???-1900 ??-???-1976
Cornelia B. Pope, w/o Percy R. Cartledge
Cartledge Percy R. ??-???-1900 ??-???-1981
h/o Cornelia B. Pope
Cooper Mary Louise Pope Pierce 17-Apr-1897 10-Jan-1995
d/o Iola and Marsh Pope
Cooper Mary Screven Pope 26-Feb-1833 21-May-1922
Mary Screven Pope, w/o Thomas L. Cooper
Hill Burwell Meriwether 09-Jul-1852 21-Jul-1923
s/o Wylie Pope & Jane James Austin Hill
Hill Burwell Meriwether 09-Jul-1852 21-Jul-1923
s/o Wylie Pope & Jane James Austin Hill
Hill Jane James Austin 30-Jun-1824 23-Jan-1913
Jane James Austin, w/o Wylie Pope Hill
Hill John James 12-Nov-1853 12-Nov-1906
h/o Martha Pope
Hill Martha Patsy Pope 18-Apr-1782 15-Jul-1853
Martha Patsy Pope, w/o Wylie Hill
Hill Martha Pope 17-Dec-1859 12-Feb-1942
Martha Pope, w/o John James Hill
Hill Mary Pope, Mrs 24-Jan-1868 11-Aug-1936
Mary Pope, w/o Dr John J. Hill
Hill Miles 20-Jun-1858 10-Feb-1861
s/o Wylie Pope & Jane James Austin Hill
Hill Susan Cooper 01-Feb-1900 05-Jun-1900
d/o John James & Martha Pope Hill
Hill W. P. 10-Aug-1820 10-Sep-1864
Wylie Pope Hill, h/o Jane James Austin
Hill William Edwin ??-Nov-1850 28-Feb-1929
s/o Wylie Pope & Jane James Austin Hill
Hill Willy 20-Jan-1846 15-Jul-1846
Inf s/o Wylie Pope & Jane James Austin Hill
Hill Wylie 26-Dec-1775 03-Apr-1844
h/o Martha Patsy Pope
Hill Wylie Pope Jr ??-???-1863 ??-???-1908
s/o Wylie Pope & Jane James Austin Hill
Hill W. W. 31-Mar-1826 01-Sep-1909
William Wylie Hill, h/o Emma Eugenia Anthony
Hill Susan M. Stokes 09-Sep-1861 14-Jul-1934
Susan M. Stokes, w/o William Merriwether Hill
Hill Susan Rembert 06-Jul-1894 02-Sep-1983
Hill W. W. 31-Mar-1826 01-Sep-1909
William Wylie Hill, h/o Emma Eugenia Anthony
Hill William Merriwether 11-Jul-1856 14-Mar-1943
h/o Susan M. Stokes
Hill William Wylie 03-Dec-1863 01-Jun-1942
s/o William Wylie & Emma Eugenia Anthony Hill
Hull Eliza Pope ??-???-1837 ??-???-1915
Elizabeth Joyner Pope, w/o John Harville Hall
Hull John Harville NO DATE 29-May-1867
31st year of his life, h/o Elizabeth Joyner Pope
Lang Annulet Pope ??-???-1847 ??-???-1932
Annulet Pope, w/o William Lang
Lang William S. ??-???-1850 ??-???-1931
h/o Annulet Pope
Pope Alexander Barnett 25-Feb-1860 11-Jun-1895
s/o William Alexander & Susannah Cooper Pope

Pope Alexander Sr 24-Oct-1786 09-Jan-1864
h/o Elizabeth Ann Anthony, Sarah Joyner Barnett, and Cornelia
Pope Cornelia Ball 09-Mar-1820 13-Jan-1906
Cornelia Ball, 3rd w/o Alexander Pope Sr
Pope Cornelius ??-???-1896 ??-???-1896
s/o Nathaniel Hunter & Kate Ingram Weems Pope
Pope Edward B. 05-Sep-1913 31-Oct-1996
h/o Ruth Carney
Pope Eliza C. NO DATE 09-Mar-1850
In the 50th year of her life
Pope Elizabeth Barnett 23-Sep-1888 16-Jul-1989
Elizabeth Barnett, w/o Marion Pembroke Pope
Pope Elizabeth C. 31-Mar-1781 23-Jun-1802
Elizabeth Chapman Pope, d/o John & Margaret Hunter Pope
Pope George C. 29-Nov-1791 24-Jul-1804
George Chapman Pope, s/o John & Margaret Hunter Pope
Pope Hopkins Brewer 16-Nov-1844 14-Apr-1915
s/o Alexander & Cornelia Ball Pope Sr-CSA
Pope John ??-???-1749 13-Aug-1802
h/o Margaret Hunter-Moved from Family Cemetery
Pope John Hunter, Dr 07-May-1782 15-Dec-1860
s/o John & Margaret Hunter Pope
Pope Julia Ficklen Miss 26-Oct-1903 26-May-1995
d/o Lola & Marsh Pope
Pope Kate Weems ??-???-1866 ??-???-1926
Kate Ingram Weems, w/o Nathaniel Hunter Pope
Pope Laura 18-May-1861 10-Sep-1879
d/o William Alexander & Susannah Cooper Pope
Pope Lola Smith ??-???-1877 ??-???-1968
Lola Beatrice Smith, w/o Marshall Andrews Pope
Pope Margaret ??-???-1758 18-Jan-1836
Margaret Hunter, w/o John Pope-Moved from Family Cemetery
Pope Margaret H. 16-Aug-1852 12-Aug-1855
d/o Alexander & Cornelia Ball Pope Sr
Pope Marion Pembroke 24-Jan-1876 25-Jul-1958
h/o Elizabeth Barnett
Pope Marion Pembroke Jr 25-Apr-1911 11-Sep-1916
Pope Mark Cooper 16-Aug-1862 05-Feb-1945
Pope Marshall Andrews ??-???-1849 ??-???-1914
h/o Lola Beatrice Smith-CSA
Pope Mary Virginia 01-Sep-1909 15-Dec-1996
Mary Virginia Mills, w/o Richard John Pope
Pope Nathaniel H. ??-???-1856 ??-???-1900
Nathaniel Hunter Pope, h/o Kate Ingram Weems
Pope Richard John 24-Jun-1898 18-Dec-1980
h/o Mary Virginia Mills
Pope Ruth Carney 11-Oct-1920 30-Jan-1987
Ruth Carney, w/o Edward B. Pope Sr
Pope Sarah J. 02-Mar-1836 27-Jun-1856
d/o Alexander & Sarah Joyner Barnett Pope Sr
Pope Susannah Cooper 12-Jan-1838 30-Dec-1915
Susannah Cooper, w/o William Alexander Pope
Pope Thomas J. 17-Jun-1797 ??-Sep-1802
Thomas Jefferson Pope s/o John & Margaret Hunter Pope
Pope Wallace 12-Jul-1878 12-Jul-1878
s/o William Alexander & Susannah Cooper Pope
Pope William Alexander 23-Aug-1834 13-May-1899
h/o Susannah Cooper
Pope William Henry, Dr 02-Jul-1794 15-Jan-1867
h/o Elizabeth Chapman

Prewitt Jesse Ray ??-???-1917 ??-???-1995
h/o Letty Pope
Prewitt Letty Pope ??-???-1906 ??-???-1993
Letty Pope, w/o Jesse Ray Brewer

Wimberly Effie Pope 29-Jul-1869 07-Oct-1957
Effie Pope, d/o William & Susannah Cooper Pope

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