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Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 20:49:54 -0700
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Caro João Alarcão and others interested,

At 11:47 PM 7/26/2000 , João Diogo de Menezes e Alarcão de Carvalho Branco wrote:
>O Teodoro Ferreira Pinto Basto, is born 6.1.1805 and he died 11.3.1883
>He was the first son of José Ferreira Pinto Basto, born. Porto, 16.9.1774
>and died Lisboa,23.9.1839, married with D.Bárbara Inocência
>Felicidade Allen, born Viana do Castelo, 16.5.1783, died in Lisboa
>19.9.1858, daughter of Duarte Guilherme Allen, British Consul in Viana, and
>his wife D.Joana Josefa Doroteia Felicidade Mazza.

If anyone on the list does research in Viana do Castelo, I would like to trade favors and have someone find this 1783 baptism of D. Bárbara, dau. of Duarte Guilherme Allen and D. Joana. I don't know if there are many freguesias in Viana do Castelo, but if so, it might have been the matriz. I looked at my references and see there is a freguesia, a concelho and the district by this name. Hopefully, she was baptized in the freguesia by that name.

MAZZA seems like maybe it's Italian. Anyone know?

>José was son, also the first, of Domingos José Ferreira Pinto(Basto), born
>in Abadim, Cabeceiras de Basto, and died Porto in August 1820, who married
>in that city at 30.11.1773 with D.Maria do Amor Divino da Costa.
>Domingos adopted the name Basto that he increased to Ferreira Pinto because
>of the land were he, and his ancestors, borned. This is a phenomenon that
>hapened many times, in diferent times, with persons that have born in the
>Terras de Basto( Mondim, Celorico e Cabeceiras ).
>Domingos was son of Manuel Ferreira Pinto, died in Abadim 22.11.1783,and

>Jerónima Alves born Abadim 1698 and died 27.1.1781.
>Certanly the book of Carlos Bobone(he is Carlos, not Campus, and is the
>author)give some more details about ,because his grand mother was also Pinto
>Basto, but i dont have his book here.

I see that there is no baptism information or Domingos, nor marriage information for his parents.

Caro Fernando, if you have some spare time, perhaps you can look again at the Ferreira Pinto Basto book and see if more is known about these ancestors? Also, pages 174 and 176 are missing the edge and so much of the text is missing. If it is possible to scan those two pages and attach as a jpg, it would be great.

It seems Abadim records (on film by the LDS) would allow more generations to be discovered, which include:
Batismos, Casamentos, Óbitos 1614-1656 (desordenado)
Batismos, Casamentos, Óbitos 1654-1698
Batismos 1698-1725
Batismos 1725-1830
Casamentos 1698-1750
Óbitos 1698-1769
Óbitos 1769-1847

>I even dont know were Teodoro is born in London, just the names of the

Pg. 173 of the book says he "Nasceu no Porto, na rua dos Ferradores, freguesia de Santo Ildefonso, a 6 de Janeiro de 1805."

>parents of his wife Richard and Jeronima Nicholson.

The same page, 173, calls his mother "Jemima" instead of Jeronima. I think it must be Jemima, since I doubt someone in England would have the name Jeronima.

>2- Arriaga e Cunha
>You are quite right about the azorian roots (Fayal ) of Eduardo's mother.
> The parents of Eduardo's mother were de 2nd Condes de Carnide, José Street
>de Arriaga e Cunha and D.Maria Teresa VanZeller de Castro Pereira( grand
>daughter of Rodrigo Delfim Pereira, the son of the Imperador D.Pedro I of
>Brasil and of the Marquesa de Santos, D.Maria Benedita de Castro do Canto e

That's very interesting. It gives me a reason to learn the ancestors of D. Pedro I of Brasil. Does anyone have a handy reference which lists his ancestors?

This concubine of D. Pedro I is a descendant of Terceira. I think she is the ancestor or sister of the ancestor of one of Chico Doria's people. I still haven't figured out that line (because of the illegitimacy in her ancestors).

>His grand father, the 1st Count ( and 2nd Viscount) of Carnide, Guilherme
>Street de Arriaga e Cunha, married with D.Sofia Ferrari Schindler, was son
>of the 1rst Viscount, José Street de Arriaga Brum da Silveira (1805-1885),
>married in London in 1833 with D.Joane Caroline Shearman.

I wonder if some reference lists the German and Italian ancestors of these Schindler and Shearman ladies. I am just curious. They are not my focus here.

>And the 1st Viscount was son of Guilherme Street de Arriaga Brum da
>Silveira Cunha, Coronel das Miliícias e Governador do Faial e Pico, e de sua
>mulher e prima D.Maria Bárbara Street de Arriaga Mesquita, ambos
>descendentes de Guilherme Street casado no Faial em 1745 with D.Bárbara
>Naudin de Arriaga.
>Certenly you know better then me their ascendency by Arriagas and Streets,
>but, as you know, they were not Cunhas. Cunha was the name of a brasilian

>aunt who leaves all his fortune to them.

I checked my records and can't find any tia Cunha . I do know this:
Capitão João STREET de ARRIAGA BRUM e CUNHA & Coronel Guilherme STREET ARRIAGA BRUM SILVEIRA e CUNHA were brothers. Since both used CUNHA and were the first in the family do so, the aunt must be the sister of one of their parents. Their parents were:
Guilherme STREET & Bárbara Catarina Naudin de ARRIAGA, as you stated (married 1745).

This aunt could really be the wife of one of the uncles and I get the feeling that it comes from the maternal side of their mother Bárbara. But I don't have any record of her brothers marrying someone named Cunha. Her brother Dezembargador Miguel de ARRIAGA BRUM da SILVEIRA married but had no descendants and he died in Lisboa in 1773. His wife was "D. Marianna Joaquina Apollonia de Vilhena Coutinho." Maybe she was aka Cunha.

On their paternal side, they had an aunt named Luzia Teresa. I don't know if her ancestors were Cunha. They had two other uncles who might have married, but I don't know.

So if there is some reference which clearly identifies this tia Cunha, I would be interested.

> Recently Eduardo Arantes e Oliveira
>wrote in Armas e Troféus, the Instituto Português de Heráldica's magazine an
>interesting article about the Lisboas, of Baía, one of them married with one
>uncle of mine, Maurício Carvalho da Cunha, about whom Francisco Doria give
>me the contacts in the Arquivo da Baía.

Is this article in relation to the above tia Cunha?

Um abraço,


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