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We are looking for Ferrieira, a Monsignor of the church who may have been
married to Doña or Dona (Portuguese, pron. IPA: ['do.nÉ ]) abbreviated
"Dª" Please let me know if you have any connections or further information.
Thank you

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Date: Sun, Apr 20, 2008 at 4:58 AM
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Good Morning Dano,
Thanks so much for the information. I love getting the pictures.
I find it interesting that two of the Diogo's children have english names.
Finding family is wonder.....any information you can pass on is great.
I have attached a picture from 1903- my Aunt Clarisse, my Grandmother
Adelaide Marques Jardine [ wife of Querino Gomes Jardim/Jardine] her mother
and grandmother.
also- Monsignor Fereira who was my great, great, great Grandfather who after
his wife died became a priest in the Catholic Church.
Third picture is from great Grandfather Joseph Jardim.
I thought you might be interested.

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Mark and Margaret,

Bear in mind that the info in Portuguese Hawaiian Memories is circa

The caption for Diogo Gomes Jardim reads: 'Born in San Antonio,
Madeira; Son of Antonio Gomes Jardim and Augusta Gomes, married to Georgina
da Costa, born in Hilo, [HI] daughter of Jacintho da Costa and Maria Augusta
do Rego da Silva, from Agua de Pau, Sao Miguel [Azores]. After living
fifteen years in California, moved to Hilo [HI] where he has been residing
for thirty years. Is a blacksmith in one of the sugar factories. Owns
property and has seven minor children: Jacintho, Helena, Hilda, Guilhermina,
Walter, Eleonor and Eduardo.' There is a photo of the entire family (see

The caption for John Gomes Jardim reads: 'Born in Sao Roque, Madeira;
son of Antonio Gomes Jardim and Maria de Jesus Rodrigues, widower of Maria
Alves, born in Paia, daughter of Joao Alves and Maria Franco; now married to
Maria do Couto, born in Makawao, daughter of Jose do Couto and Margarida da
Costa. Resident of Sprecklesville for fifty years. Works for the plantation
and is overseer for twenty-six years. Has seven children: Luiz, Maria, Joao,
Alvino, Izabel, Eva and Anna. Member of Court Valley Isle of A.O.F and Maui
Impd. O.R.M.' There is also a photo of this family (see attachment).


Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 11:55:28 -0700
Subject: Re: Jardine surname

Sorry for all the questions.... Also do you know if John
Gomes Jardim from the Portuguese Hawaiian Memories lists any siblings or
children? I have Julia Jardim as a sister and Alda Jardim being a child.
If not if you could point me in the right location to find
this information.

On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 9:20 AM, Margaret Goodman <
> wrote:

Hello Dano,
Mark's Great Great Grandfather's brother Querino
Gomes Jardim [ changed to Jardine ] was
my Grandfather.
Mark's Great Great Grandmother's sister was my
Grandmother [ Querino's wife] Adelaide Marques Jardine.

Your information is wonderful.....thanks.

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Very interesting.
Yes, Please let me know where I can find more
information about the 'Madeira Exiles.'
The Jardine's and Marques were in British
Guiana in the mid-late 1800's. My Great Great Grandfather's brother Querino
Jardine was a photographer and owned a photo studio in Guiana. We have
photos of the studio and homes they lived. Their Father's name was Joseph

Thank you so much for the information you have
been very informative.

On Tue, Apr 15, 2008 at 9:32 PM, Dano de Paiva
<> wrote:

The surname Jardim is commonly found
in Madeira, but, is also found in the Azores, and Continental Portugal. My
own links to this family are from the Azores. One branch of the family
migrated to Hawaii in the 19th century, though some family members remained
in the Azores. If you are interested in researching Hawaii, there is a book
entitled 'Portuguese Hawaiian Memories' available from the Portuguese
Genealogical Society of Hawaii for a small cost. Looking through the book, I
found the following persons with this surname: Diogo Gomes Jardim, John
Gomes Jardim, Manuel Souza Jardim, Cesar Rodrigues Jardim, Manuel Rodrigues
Jardim, Sr., and Manuel Rodrigues Jardim, Jr. All of the foregoing were
from Madeira.

I note, also, that you inquired of
another poster as to whether the persons with this surname were originally
from Guyana - which leads in a different direction - that of the 'Madeira
Exiles.' Members of a Portuguese Presbyterian Community were forced to
leave Madeira in 1846. Some of these exiles relocated to Demerara, British
Guiana (Guyana). At the time the sugar plantation owners in British Guiana
(Guyana) were importing African laborers to work in the sugar plantations.
Some of the Madeira Exiles, having had to leave all their worldly
possessions behind in Madeira, may have also sought work there.

If you would like more information
about any of the above, please email me.


Mark T. Jardine

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