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From: James Birkholz< >
Subject: Re: [POSEN-L] Gemeindelexicon
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 23:46:34 -0500

I do not have convenient access to the Gemeindelexicon, sorry. Perhaps that
info will become available during the town list project.

Below is what Meyers says, I think you are confused about Gru"tzendorf
being in Kreis Czarnikau....

>Gru"tzendorf, Kr. Obornik and Grenzdorf, Kr. Wirsitz seem to be the best
>Gru"tzendorf, Kr. Obornik was a village of 238 persons. The civil reg.
>office was in Pripkowo | Prypkowo.
>Grenzdorf, Kr. Wirsitz was a village of 353 persons. The civil reg. office
>was in Mrotschen.

Gru"tzendorf was almost in Kr. Czarnikau, in the northwest corner of Kr.

Nearby villages were:
Kl. Kroschin
Schwaben Kol.

Without looking each one up in Meyers, I'd guess Gembitz as most likely,
possibly Czarnikau (both were in Kreis Czarnikau).

I have some LDS catalog info on disk for locations around Kr. Kolmar. I
have two files for 'Gembitz'.
Though Meyers says that Gembitz had one church and that it was Protestant,
LDS has the following...

Roman Catholic parish register and transcripts of baptisms, marriages and
deaths for Gembitz (Kr. Czarnikau), Posen, Germany; now GÒebice
(Czarnk’ow), Pozna’n, Poland. Text in Latin, Polish and German.
===Records of christenings, marriages and deaths 1699-1744: item 2 of
film# 1194533===

The other 'Gembitz' film appears to be the civil records for a village of
the same name in Kreis Mogilno.
The Polish version of the name is the same for both villages.
Civil registration of births, marriages and deaths for Gembitz (Kr.
Mogilno), Posen, Germany;
now GÒebice (Mogilno), Bydgoszcz, Poland.

For Czarnikau, the LDS has...
Protestant Church parish register of births, marriages and deaths
of Czarnikau, Posen, Preu¦en, Germany. Now: Czarnk’ow (Czarnk’ow),
Pozna’n, Poland. Includes the towns: Falkowitz, Gultsche mËuhle,
Hammer, Kamionke, Lubasch, Romanshof, Sophienberg, Walkowitz etc.
Text in German. Indexed.
Heiraten 1787-1830 -------------------------------- 1191147
Taufen 1781-1809 (Stadt) item 2-3.
Taufen 1781-1809 (Umgebung)
Tote 1791-1802
Taufen 1790-1803
Tote 1791-1808
Taufen 1790-1803
Tote 1790-1806
Taufen 1787-1818
Taufen 1801-1837 -------------------------------- 1191148
Taufen 1837-1844 -------------------------------- 1194702
Taufen 1850-1861
Taufen 1861-1877 -------------------------------- 1194703
Heiraten 1787-1838
Heiraten 1838-1875 -------------------------------- 1194704
Tote 1844-1848
Tote 1848-1868 -------------------------------- 1194705
Tauf-Index 1773-1781 item 1-5
Heirats-Index 1774-1785
Toten-Index 1774-1787
Tauf-Index 1825-1828
Heirats-Index 1831-1836

Pripkowo | Prypkowo doesn't seem to have had a church...

One other possability was 'Polajewo' to the southeast. Gru"tzendorf was
halfway between it and Czarnikau and it had both Catholic and Protestant
churchs. I don't know what the LDS has on this place.


At 10:43 AM 11/12/98, sue wolf wrote:
>I'm fascinated to hear about this Gemeindelexicon from Jim Birkholtz. Would
>you be willing to look up Gru"tzendorf, Kreis Schwarnikau, in it for me? You
>already looked it up for me in the Meyers book.
>Speaking of the Meyers book and how difficult it is to use because of all
>the abbreviations: I found a hand-out in the file cabinet of the local LDS
>Family History Center which explained all those abbreviations. It made sense
>of the entire entry. Ask at the desk about it.
>I still need to know where the nearest Ev. church would be to Gru"tzendorf,
>that might have records for the SUKUT and TONN families.
>Sue Wolf and Arlo Sukut
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