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From: =James Birkholz= <>
Subject: Re: [POSEN-L] Church facilites in Wyszyn-Hauland
Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 00:22:37 -0500


Meyers doesn't have a listing for Wyszyn-Hauland, but it does for 'Wischin
Hauland", which is phonetically the same. I can't point to any reference
that verifies that they are the same though.

When the town lists are completed and the soundex version posted, you would
have been able to make this connection at the website, so I pretty excited
to see the project coming along. Here is a snippet of the part that is on
the web page:

Wimislowo, Bromberg, 194 C2,
Winiary, Gnesen, 277 B4,
Wirsa, Wirsitz, 224 E3,
Wirsitz, Wirsitz, 223 D6,
Wischin, Kolmar, 251 C1,
Wischin (Gut), Kolmar, 251 C1,
Wischin Hauland, Kolmar, 250 C6,
Wiskitno, Bromberg, 193 B6,
Wissek, Wirsitz, 223 D3,
Witoslaw, Wirsitz, 224 E2,
Witoslawek, Wirsitz, 193 A2,

As for Wischin Hauland, it was west of Budsin | Budzyn, and a little west
of due south of Kolmar | Chodziez.
It appears to be a number of farms on the ends of short roads that branch
off of a north/south road that leads north into denser parts of the
Wischener Forst.

According to Meyers gazetteer...

Wischin Hauland, village of 342 persons, Kr. Kolmar, Posen.
The civil reg. office was in the estate of Wischin.

The current Polish name is 'Wyszynki'.

It's possible that you may find some records in the films of the Jankendorf.

Protestant Church parish registers and transcripts of baptisms,
marriages, and deaths for Jankendorf, Posen, Germany; now
Sokowo Budzynskie (Chodziez), Poznan, Poland. Volumes
are individually indexed. Includes Budsin (Budzyn) for years
earlier than 1889.

Taufen, Heiraten, Tote 1781-1793 ----------------------- 1194720
Taufen 1816-1908 item 2-4.

Taufen 1908 ------------------------------------------ 1194721
Heiraten 1816-1941
Tote 1816-1852

Tote 1852-1866 ------------------------------------- 1194733
Taufen, Heiraten, Tote 1781-1815 item 1-2

The LDS has filmed Catholic records from Ritschenwalde.

Gramsdorf was actually the closest, but this is all the Mormons have:

Parish register transcripts of baptisms for Gramsdorf (Kr. Obornik),
Posen, Germany; now Bukowiec (Chodziez), Poznan, Poland.
Includes Neuendorf, Zawady, Beyersdorf, HollËanderdorf, etc.

Taufen 1813-1817 --------------------------------------- 0807972
item 3.
I don't know if Gramsdorf had more records that have been lost, or if there
was only a Protestant church there for those 4 years.

Kirchdorf's another prospect, again I don't know the reason for the short
time period..

Protestant Church parish registers and transcripts of baptisms,
marriages and deaths for Kirchdorf (Kr. Kolmar), Posen, Germany;
now Strozewo (Chodziez), Poznan, Poland. For other years
see Kolmar, Posen, Preu¦en, Germany. Text in German and Polish.

Taufen 1783-1813 ------------------------------------- 1194722
Heiraten 1783-1796 item 7
Tote 1783-1811

Kolmar is really pretty far away but it may have been a possability also.

Hope this helps,
James Birkholz

This information extracted from:
"Meyers Orts= und Verkehrs= Lexikon des Deutschen Reichs - 1912"
(Civil registration offices didn't open until about 1874)

At 10:00 PM -0500 5/1/99, Paul Wolter wrote:
>Dear Listers,
>I have been fortunate to find marriage records for my gg-grandparents and
>ggg-grandparents both of which state that they were married at either the
>"gottesdienstlichen Lokal zu Wyszyn-Hauland" or "Kirchlokal zu
>Wyszyn-Hauland" The marriages were 1872 and 1849 respectively.
>My questions are:
>What is the modern day name of Wyszyn-Hauland if it exists anymore?
>Was this a reference to a church proper or another type of facility?
>Was there a church in Ev. Lutheran church in Wyszyn-Hauland?
>Thank you in advance for any responses.
>Paul Wolter
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