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From: =James Birkholz= <>
Subject: [POSEN] Current holdings of Posen-L Lending Library
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 10:08:29 -0600

Some time ago, we began an experiment which we referred to as the Lending
Library. I don't have time to recount the details and history, but
long-time subscribers will remember that funds were solicited for the
purposes of purchasing books to be loaned to those who had donated. The
amount of the donation was up to the individual.

I'm still not quite ready to start circulating the books yet, but it is my
highest priority. Over $500 was donated, some of which was used to fund the
server charges for our website ($180/yr). Some was used to purchase
postcards and maps. Of the books that have been purchased, almost all are
in German and most were purchased through auction on eBay. Martha Nelson
has been serving us as collector of funds, auditor and future librarian. I
still need to gather the facts for Martha to verify how the funds were
spent, but hope to catch that up this holiday season. The original war
chest of funds ran out long ago, but I' ve been able to keep making some
purchases from my own funds.

Below is a list of most of the materials that we've accumulated. The
information will eventually be on the website, so consider this as a
preview. Those who donated are welcome to examine the list and decide if
there is anything that they wish to request *but* we are not ready to start
processing these out yet. If you have not donated, but would like to be
able to examine these materials, be patient. When I've caught up on this
project, we'll probably have a second round.

More important than circulating these books, is being able to extract the
facts and publish them on the website. Since they are mostly written in
German, only a few US subscribers will be able to do more than look at the
pictures. I am considering scanning some of the oldest ones to CD, and
keeping a photocopy of the others as a safeguard against loss and damage
while circulating.

I will probably ask those who are eligible to submit their requests to a
waiting list this weekend. That way, I can get an idea of which materials
to process first. The three books on how to conduct research (one for
Polish research and two for German) can be circulated immediately, as they
are still in print and can be easily replaced by purchase. Those who borrow
the German language materials will be encouraged to extract as much factual
data as they have time.

Please address any questions to me in private, and I will report the
answers in the next posting about this project. Thanks to all who donated,
for their patience!

(Martha Nelson, would you please save me a little time and send me an
e-mail, so I have your address handy? Thanks!)


Current holdings of Posen-L Lending Library
Topic key: His = History; Loc = Location; Res = Research

His: Architecture
GER Das Bauernhaus im Deutschen Reiche und in seinen by
Schäfer, Dietrich
The text volume of a two volume set (the other is called the
Atlas). Includes some photos and drawings. Material discusses architural
His: Essays & poems
GER Wir von der Weichsel und Warthe by Wittek, Erhard with
Karlheinz Gehrmann and Hanns von
Essays and poems about life in the areas drained by the Weichsel
and Warthe rivers from a German perspective
His: Law
GER Der Rechtsverständige. Ein Handbuch für Jedermann zur
eigenen by Lundberg
Appears to be a handbook about how common court cases work, with
many examples from the docket of the court at Kempen.
His: Religion
GER Die evangelisch-augburgischen Gemeinden in Polen 1555 -
1939 by Kneifel, Eduard
About 360 pages of text, plus 16 pages of B&W photos. Only a few
paes about Posen, mostly about congregations in Congress
His: Transportation
GER Eisenbahnen zwischen Oder und Weichsel by Scharf,
834 pages of text and tables, including about 250 pages of
Loc: German Poland
GER Heimat an Netze-Brahe-Weichsel by Glander, Arnold &
Schalau, Alfred
70 pages of photos with a 6 page introduction. Features Bromberg,
Krone and several other vilages in Kreis Bromberg as well as
GER Deutsche Heimat in Polen by Nasarski, Peter E.;
with Breyer, Richard
About 35 pages of black and white, including many of lanscapes and
GER Das deutsche Weichselland by Gradmann, Wilhelm
(introductory text)
54 pages, 30 of B&W photos, several distribution maps.
GER Links und rechts der Weichsel by Pollak, Hans und Erika
203 pages. A look at the land and people who live near the
Weichsel river, with many photos and a view to the past.
GER Zwischen Weichsel und Warthe by Csallner, Heinz
176 pages of photos of various towns and villages in Posen and
some in the eastern areas annexed in WWII.
Loc: Kr. Bromberg - Bromberg
GER Aus Brombergs Vergangenheit: ein Heimatbuch f. d. Stadt-
u. by Meinhardt, Gunther
533 pgs
GER Bromberg in alten Ansichtskarten by Ohlhoff,
Gerhard & Samel, Wilfried
Reproductions of old postcards that depict Bromberg and a few
nearby villages (Lochowo, Crone, Nieder-Strelitz,
Loc: Kr. Kolmar - Samotschin
POL Dzieje Szamocina by Szelmeczka, Jan
304 pages, primarily the history of Szamocin / Samotschin.
Loc: Kr. Kolmar - Schneidemuhl
GER Grenz- und Regierungsstadt Schneidemühl einst und heute by
Heimat book for Schneidemühl / Pil~a, Kreis Kolmar. 287, mostly
Loc: Kr. Koston - Wilanow
POL Wilanow by Fijalkowski, Wojciech
Wilanow is a palace. The book has many pictures and text that
describe it in Polish. A summary and captions for all the photos are
Loc: Kr. Schubin - Grocholin
GER Grocholin: Geschichte eines deutschen Gutes in Posen by
von Rosen, Hans Freiherr
232 pgs
Loc: Kr. Wongrowitz
GER Heimatbuch für den Kreis Eichenbrüch - Wongrowitz (Band
IV) by Gerke, Wilfried, Ed.
Various articles about places and conditions in Kreis Wongrowitz,
published by a German homeland association.
Loc: Kreis Meseritz
GER Stadt und Kreis Meseritz by Heimatkreis Meseritz
356 pages of material about the land and people of Kreis Meseritz.
Loc: Kreis Obornik
GER Obornik by Brauer, Wilhelm Reinhold
108 pages, primarily about the Protestant churches of Kreis
Obornik, with a few photos.
Loc: Kreis Schwerin
GER Mein Schwerin-Warthe: 2. Heft by Klemt, Erich
71 pages about the town and Kreis of Schwerin.
GER Mein Schwerin-Warthe (1. Heft) by Klemt, Erich
71 pages about the town and Kreis of Schwerin.
Loc: Poland
ENG Poland / facts and figures by Chocilowski, Jerzy (ed.)
A snapshot of Poland from 1967, with text and B&W photos on 170
pages. Includes a short history and some maps.
Loc: Posen city
ENG Poznan by Cichy, Adam
140 photos with captions in Polish, Russian, English and German.
POL Poznan I okolice by Kondziela, Henrik & Zgodzinski,
60 pages of text and B&W photos in a turist guide format.
GER Geschichte der Stadt Posen. by Rhode, Gotthold, ed.
318 p. illus. 22 cm.
POL/G Poznan Wczoraj / Posen Gestern by Warkoczewska, Magdelena
133 pages, mostly photographs of the city of Posen from the early
1900's. Preceded by about 20 pages of text, half in Polish and half
Loc: Schwerin Kreis
GER Kreise Schwerin (Warthe) 1 by Klemt, Erich
Loc: Schwerin Kreis
GER Kreise Schwerin (Warthe) 2 by Klemt, Erich
Res: Archive holding
GER Kirchenbücher by Henning, Eckart; Wegeleben, Christel
389 pages. Lists of church records which have been printed.
Organized by categories: general, nationwide and regional literature,
GER Altpreußische Geschlechterkunde by Vereins für
Famienforschung in Ost- und Westpreußen
Band 26, 1966. 600 pages. Includes a chapter on the holdings at
the state archives in Bydgoszcz (Bromberg).
GER Altpreußische Geschlechterkunde by Vereins für
Famienforschung in Ost- und Westpreußen
Band 26, 1966. 600 pages. Includes a chapter on the holdings at
the state archives in Bydgoszcz (Bromberg).
GER Verzeichnis der Kirchenbücher im Evangelischen
Zentralarchiv in by Stache, Christa
289 pages. Organized by province, then by town. Indexed by town.13
pages for Posen, including map.
GER Verzeichnis der Militärkirchenbücher in der
Bundesrepublik by Eger, Wolfgang
445 pages. Organized by archive, then by the reference
number.Includes indexes by military organizations, by persons and places
GER Bestandverzeichnis der Deutschen Zertralstelle für
Genealogie by Wermes, Martina; Jude, Renate;Bähr, Marion; Voigt,
174 pages. Organized by Province and then by town. Indexed by town.
Res: German
ENG If I Can, You Can Decipher Germanic Records by Bentz,
Edna M.
85 pgs
ENG The German Researcher: How to Get the Most Out of an
LDS by Dearden, Fay & Doug
81 pgs
Res: Polish
ENG Polish Roots (Korzenie Polskie) by Chorzempa, Rosemary A.
262 pgs

I'm waiting arrival of _Der Kreis Schubin_
and the 1976 volume of _Jarhrbuch Weichsel-Warthe.
We have (so far) volumes: 1956, 1958, 1959, 1963, 1969, 1971, 1972, 1977, 2002

James Birkholz
admin, Posen-L mailing list and website

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