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From: (Thomas Rueffer)
Subject: Re: [POSEN] how to locate a parish
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 09:32:53 +0100
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from a German book published 1894 (data from 1880):

Wojnowo, village in the county Obornik, pop. 244.
Marienrode, settlement in the county Obornik, pop. 141.

The next villages with churches:
Langgoslin, village in the county Obornik, pop. 356, Catholic parish church.
Murowana-Goslin, town in the county Obornik, pop. 1506 (418 Evangelical, 915 Catholic,
162 Jews), Catholic and Evangelical church.

So there were Catholic parishes very close. If you do not find them there, they either
were not born there or they had an other faith ?


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From: "Laura DePaolis" <>
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Sent: Wednesday, November 03, 2004 3:24 PM
Subject: [POSEN] how to locate a parish

> Hi all,
> I have a question regarding parish location. I am in the process(of elimination)of
finding my great grandparent's birth place in Poland(then Germany).
> Listed on the ship's manifest as 'place of residence' for my great grandfather,
Frank CIECMIEROWSKI, was Marienrode, Posen. My great grandmother, Victoria HERZOG
CIECMIEROWSKI, who came to USA four months after my great grandfather, listed Worowo,
Posen. This was 1888.
> I crossed referenced these two cities using Kartenmeister.
> I found one reference for Worowo in Posen:
> Worowo, Kreis Obornik, Posen, East 17°04' North 52°35'. These coordinates
correspond to the village of Wojnowo according to ShtetlSeeker. Using Atlas Drogowy,
I found Wojnowo. The coordinates match.
> I found two references for Marienrode in Posen:
> 1) Marienrode, Kreis Obornik, Posen, East 17°05' North 52°35'. These coordinates
correspond to the village of Gl~e~bocko. The atlas indicates Worowo/Wojnowo and
Marienrode/Gl~e~bocko are about 4 km apart.
> and,
> 2) Marienrode,aka Maruszkowo, Kreis Kosten, Posen, East 16°40' North 52°12'(I think
Maruszkowo is misspelled, I could not find it on the current map at the indicated
coordinates). Probably not this Marienrode.
> Worowo/Wojnowo and Marienrode/Gl~e~bocko do not have parishes listed. So using the
atlas, and Kartenmeister to obtain the old German village name for the current Polish
village name, I referenced the availability of Catholic Parish records on film at the
FHC. Not every village that indicates a parish listed on the map has a Catholic
> I have checked the following parishes for the birth/marriage of my great
grandparents, and the birth of my great great Aunt:
> Parkowo, Oborniki, PL
> Murowana Goslina, Oborniki, PL
> Oborniki, Oborniki, PL
> Dluga Goslina, Oborniki, PL
> Rogozno, Oborniki, PL
> I found CIECMIEROWSKI's in the last two parishes, but not my gggrandparents. No
HERZOG's in any parish.
> Anyway, there has to be a better method of finding Catholic Parishes in Poland. Any
> What would be a reasonable distance from one's home to the church in the 1800's?
> If there were no Catholic churches in the area, would it be unreasonable to attend a
Lutheran Church?
> Regards,
> Laura DePaolis
> Sugar Land, TX
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