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From: "Dale Iwancio" <>
Subject: RE: [POSTON] Re: Chesterfield County, SC Postons
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 07:42:04 -0400
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Hi, Everyone:

Is there anybody out there looking for a John POSTON born ca 1795?
He is listed in the 1850 US Federal Census for Chesterfield Co., SC census
with his wife Elizabeth born ca 1811, four sons: William born ca 1833, Hugh
C. born 6 Dec 1837 died 10 Jan 1898, John ca 1840, James William born 29 Apr
1842 died 14 May 1923, Samuel born ca 1849 and two daughters: Sarah born ca
1845, Flora born ca 1846.

Below is four generations of my POSTON family. I am the grand
daughter of Henry James POSTON and Amie BOAN POSTON. I would be grateful for
any input at all. Thanks a million.

Dale Lynn

Descendants of John POSTON
8 Sep 2005

1. John POSTON (b.1795-NC/SC)
sp: Elizabeth (b.1811-SC)
2. William POSTON (b.1833)
2. Hugh C. POSTON (b.6 Dec 1837;d.10 Jan 1898)
sp: Margaret
3. John H. POSTON (b.1858)
3. Hugh B. POSTON (b.1867)
3. Isabella POSTON (b.1869)
2. John POSTON (b.1840)
2. James William POSTON (b.29 Aug 1842-SC;d.14 May 1923-NC)
sp: Rosetta LANG (b.Sep 1848;m.Abt 1872)
3. Wilbur POSTON
3. Frances Jane POSTON (b.10 May 1870-Chesterfield
Co.,SC;d.11 Apr 1930-Jessup,Wayne Co.,GA)
sp: James Roland DOZIER (b.8 Jul 1862-Chesterfield
Co.,SC;d.1936-Darlington Co.,SC)
4. Rosa DOZIER
4. John W. DOZIER
4. James Roland DOZIER Jr.
4. Hulda Catherine DOZIER
4. Britton DOZIER
4. Edward DOZIER
4. Samuel Benjamin DOZIER
3. John Madison POSTON (b.Jun 1872;d.Dec 1954)
sp: Christine E. DOUGLASS (b.Apr 1885;m.Abt 1903;d.1942)
4. Henrietta POSTON (b.1904)
4. Rosannah POSTON (b.1906)
4. Margaret POSTON (b.1908)
4. Ansible POSTON (b.1910)
4. Flora E. POSTON (b.1913)
4. Bertha POSTON (b.1916)
4. Sarah POSTON (b.1918)
4. Woodrow POSTON (b.1920)
4. John L. POSTON (b.12 Dec 1927;d.17 Dec 1927-
Jefferson,Chesterfield Co.,SC)
3. James William POSTON Jr. (b.3 Apr 1874;d.26 Sep 1944)
sp: Martha Ellen DOUGLAS (b.3 Oct 1876;d.20 Feb 1944)
4. Ellen POSTON
sp: Lawton BLACKWELL (b.12 Dec 1908;d.Apr 1982)
4. James Madison POSTON (b.16 Feb
1897-McBee,Chesterfield County,SC;d.8 Apr
1977-Byerly Hospital,Hartsville,DC,SC)
sp: Annie TYNER
4. Emma POSTON (b.11 May 1899-Angleus,Chesterfield
Co.,SC;d.9 Mar 1985)
sp: Benjamin Franklin HUGGINS (b.1 Jul 1899-
Chesterfield,Chesterfield Co.,SC;d.12 Oct 1977)
4. Martha POSTON (b.4 Nov 1904;d.22 Apr 1963)
sp: Thomas River WARREN (b.25 Jun 1895;d.11 Dec
4. Mary POSTON (b.Abt 1907)
4. Charlotte POSTON (b.Apr 1909)
4. Rosie POSTON (b.24 Apr 1911)
sp: Burkett Cabanner JOHNSON (b.28 Oct 1906-
Jefferson,Chesterfield Co.,SC;m.28 Oct 1927;d.30 Oct 1971)
4. Charley POSTON (b.25 Jun 1913;d.22 Feb 1999)
sp: Florence H. (b.21 Jul 1916)
4. Irvin POSTON (b.22 Feb 1919;d.27 Jan 1988)
sp: Lula J. (b.1 May 1922)
4. Jesse POSTON (b.15 Jul 1922;d.16 Jul 1934)
3. Flora Elizabeth POSTON (b.10 Jul 1875;d.27 Oct 1941)
sp: Doc Gilbert HUGGINS (b.8 May 1871;d.12 Jan 1937)
4. John C. HUGGINS (b.Oct 1897)
4. William Jabius HUGGINS (b.30 Nov 1899)
4. Kirby Lucas HUGGINS (b.7 Nov 1901-SC;d.9 Jun
1979-Rockingham,Richmond Co.,NC)
4. Elizabeth HUGGINS (b.1904;d.1940)
sp: Redmond MELTON (b.3 Dec 1898;d.3 Oct 1954)
4. Rosa E. HUGGINS (b.Jan 1910;d.1961)
sp: Walter Lawrence MCLEOD
4. Sarah HUGGINS (b.10 Sep 1911;d.11 May 1992)
sp: Will JOHNSON
4. Lannie Frances HUGGINS (b.9 May 1914;d.12 Sep
sp: James HALL
4. William James HUGGINS
sp: Juanita MALOY
3. Samuel Stevens POSTON (b.26 May 1876-Chesterfield
Co.,SC;d.6 Jan 1954-Byerly Hosp.,Hartsville,Darlington Co.,SC)
sp: Minnie Caroline DOUGLAS (b.13 Dec 1894;d.17 Aug 1956-
McBee,Chesterfield Co.,SC)
4. Frances Jane POSTON
4. Jody POSTON
4. Thomas POSTON
4. Henry James POSTON Sr. (b.20 Jan 1908-
Angelus,Chesterfield Co.,SC;d.4 Mar 1988-Moore
sp: Amie BOAN (b.29 Aug 1918-Chesterfield
Co.,SC;d.31 Oct 1978-Rich. Mem.
Hosp.,Rockingham,Richmond Co.,NC)
4. Samuel POSTON (b.12 Jan 1910-Chesterfield
Co.,SC;d.24 Feb 1991)
4. Flora Elizabeth POSTON (b.18 Feb
1910-Chesterfield Co.,SC;d.Abt 1999)
sp: Lester TARLTON (b.1909;m.1928)
4. William Thomas POSTON (b.19 Sep 1919;d.6 Feb
4. Roland POSTON (b.28 Feb 1920;d.8 Apr 1999)
4. Olen POSTON (b.28 Feb 1920-Jefferson,Chesterfield
Co.,SC;d.29 Feb 1920-Jefferson,Chesterfield Co.,SC)
4. Sarah POSTON (b.28 Dec 1922-Chesterfield
Co.,SC;d.4 Mar 1996)
sp: Conley Belk ADAMS
4. Lillie Mae POSTON (b.18 Feb 1924-Chesterfield
Co.,SC;d.14 Mar 1974-McBee,Chesterfield Co.,SC)
sp: Leslie WATERS
3. Sarah Ella POSTON (b.22 May 1877-South Carolina;d.24 Dec
1954-Camden,Kershaw Co.,SC)
sp: John Henry DOUGLAS Sr. (b.Dec 1873-Chesterfield
Co.,SC;d.28Dec 1947-Kershaw Co.,SC)
4. Robert Daniel DOUGLAS (b.1902-Chesterfield
Co.,SC;d.13 Oct 1987-Camden,Kershaw Co.,SC)
sp: Sarah Ellen BENTON (b.10 Sep 1910-Sumter
Co,SC;d.23 Jul 1949-Sumter Co,SC)
4. Mary Frances DOUGLAS (b.1 Oct 1904-Chesterfield
Co.,SC;d.22 Feb 1987-Fairfield Memorial Hospital)
sp: Richard O. CANADAY
sp: Major MUNN
4. Maggie L. DOUGLAS (b.1909)
sp: GOFF
4. Perdy L. DOUGLAS (b.Abt 1911)
4. James Johnson DOUGLAS (b.1912)
4. John Henry DOUGLAS Jr. (b.5 Dec 1912;d.26 Oct
sp: Maude Eulala GRIFFIN (b.10 May 1919-Lancaster
sp: Jessie WILSON (d.18 Sep-Columbia,Richland
sp: Sallie MORRIS
4. Infant DOUGLASS (b.1917-Jefferson,Chesterfield
Co.,SC;d.21 Jun 1920-Jefferson,Chesterfield Co.,SC)
4. William R. DOUGLAS (b.1915-Clinton,SC)
3. Hugh R. POSTON (b.Sep 1881-Chesterfield Co.,SC;d.27 Jul
1953-Byerly Hospital,Hartsville,Darlington Co.,SC)
sp: Fanny GAINEY
3. Simon R. POSTON (b.21 Jan 1883;d.12 Nov 1964-
Hartsville,Darlington Co.,SC)
sp: Lola SKIPPER (b.15 Sep 1893-Darlington County,SC;d.28
Oct 1957)
3. Emanuel A. POSTON (b.6 May 1887)
3. Henry POSTON (b.Aug 1891)
3. Corneilia POSTON
3. Lana POSTON (b.Abt 1896)
sp: Mack BROWN
4. Mack BROWN Jr. (b.12 Oct 1922;d.29 Apr 1926)
2. Sarah POSTON (b.1845)
2. Flora POSTON (b.1846)
2. Samuel POSTON (b.1849)

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