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Subject: Re: [POTOMAC-HIGHLANDS] Mining ghost-towns along the MD/WV border
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In 2001 I posted information on the Garrett Co., MD Mailing Lists about the
ghost towns.
You can search the Garrett List (write ghost in "body" on the search
engine). There were a lot of discussions about these towns.
Below is just one of the post I made but you might want to check with the
Garrett Co. Historical Society to see if the booklet is still available. The
booklet tells about more towns than are shown on this map. The Society is in
Oakland, MD.

The booklet "Ghost Towns of the Upper Potomac" compiled by the
Garrett County Historical Society.
shows, Beryl, WV as next town south of Bloomington, on the
Potomac River. Next town south of Beryl is Hampshire, WV.

In describing the towns and their locations, it says:
"If one studies maps of the Potomac River's course along the MD
shore of Garrett Co. and the WV shores of Grant and Mineral
counties, he soon discovers there are, or were, many towns along
this upper portion of the stream.
The traveler who attempts to travel to these towns that he has
noted on the map, soon finds that he can reach only a few of them
by automobile. He will discover that the remainder are now ghost
towns and their locations assessable only by walking overland
from the nearest road, or by following the tracks of the Western
Maryland Railway that parallels the river through the area.
Years ago, it was possible to reach a few of the towns over roads
leading to them. These roads are now but trails for horses.

There are mentions made of the Davis Coal and Coke Company.
Ex.: Henry, WV, (shown on the very south most tip of Garrett Co.
and Fairfax, MD-WV.

"Henry, WV, was the first actual town on the Potomac River and in
1974 was a ghost town with only one house standing. Built in
1901, when the Davis Coal and Coke Company began mining coal
there with shaft mines. In 1921, it had a population of 250, but
when the coal seam played out, the town slowly died."

This is also in the book, since I think there are Wilson
researchers on the List, I will include part of this 1/4 page

".......first known as Wilson's Mills its halfway between Bayard
and Dobbin. The town was settled by George Washington Wilson, son
of Thomas Wilson III, and brother -in -law of Ebenezer
Kitzmiller. George's father had given him this land and George
moved here with his bride in 1860 and began his lumber business.
During the Civil War, George W. Wilson served in Co. B, WV
Cavalry Vol. He enlisted in 1862 and was mustered out in 1865,
returning home to his wife and young son Daniel. One of his first
enterprises was a Shook Shop where he manufactured staves and
beading for barrels to be hauled by teamsters to Oakland and
shipped on the B&O.
Mr. Wilson was elected to the MD House of Delegates three time
on the Republican ticket, in 1877, 1879 and 1887.
In 1883, the town was named Camden after the railroad director,
but such a fuss was made that Wilson became its official name
By 1900, most of the timber in the Wilson area was gone, and
the Wilsons began clearing timber from the Fairfax territory.
The railroad depot, railroad siding, and store were located on
the WV side and the company houses were on the Garrett Co. side.
McMillan also had a logging company at Wilson."

Other interesting mentions: (partial list)
McKelvey Brothers - Sawmill - in Henry, WV
J. L. Rumbarger - Bandsaw mill and planning mill (1889)- in
Dobbins, WV
Parsons Pulp and Paper Co. (bought Rumbarger's mill) in Dobbins,
Buffalo Lumber Co. - Bayard, WV
Middlesex Co. -tannery - Bayard, WV
S. H. Jordon Co. -Mining
Emmons Coal Mining Co. -Bayard, WV
J. G. Hoffman and Sons-tannery- Gormania, WV

Steyer MD mines operated by different these companies;
Datesman Coal Co. - Steyer (Stoyer) MD
Stoyer Run Coal Co, -Steyer, MD
Thompson Coal Co. - Steyer, MD
Branard Coal Co. - Steyer, MD
Aberdeen Coal Co. -Steyer, MD
Waitman Smokeless Coal Co. - Steyer, MD
Steyer Coal Co. -Steyer, MD
Potomac River Coal Co. -Steyer, MD

A.G. Miller, later operated by Morrison Gross and Co., Mill-
Wallman, MD
Manor Mining and Manufacturing Co. -Wallman, MD
Hubbard Coal Mining Co. - Hubbard WV
Gleason Coal and Coke Co. - Gleason, WV
Shallmar Mining Co. -Shallmar, MD
Wolf Den Mining Co. -Shallmar, MD
Blaine Mining Co.
Garrett County Coal and Mining Co.
Grafton Mining Co. - Blaine, WV
North Branch Woolen Mill - Blaine, WV
Three Fork Coal Co. - Vindex, MD
Chaffee Coal Co. -Vindex, MD
A. B. Creighton Coal Co. - Vindex, MD
Johnstown Coal and Coke Co. - Vindex, MD
Manor Coal Mining Co. -Vindex, MD
Pee Wee Coal Co. - Louise, MD
H.P. Brydon and Brothers, Inc. -mining, Shaw, WV (also Barnum,
Potomac Lumber Co. - Shaw, WV
Kalbaugh Coal Co. Barnum, WV
Dean Coal Co. - Barnum, WV
Monroe Coal Mining Co. Barnum, MD
Virginia Big Vein Coal Co. - Windom, WV
Davis Coal and Coke Co.- Windom, WV
Parley Warnocks - Coal mines- Warnocks, WV
Masteller Coal Co. - Hampshire, WV
H.P Brydon & Brothers and Bloomington Coal Co. "on the MD side)
Hampshire, WV
Lochiel Lumber Co. - Bloomington, MD
Brant's gun Factory, just above the site of Bloomington at
"Brantsburg" - MD

"Beryl, WV, today has the Westvaco Woodyard and Kingsford
Charcoal as the major business for the town."

I just found this page (which is basically a map) of ghost-towns along the
MD/WV border:


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