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From: Jim Barrett <>
Subject: [POWELL-DNA] Unidentified Amnesia Victim
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2009 07:39:36 -0800 (PST)

First I want to let you know that my PC is still in the shop.
I received the request below to add an unidentified amnesia victim to our project because his 37 marker results is a close match to many of you.  More than may have been thought because many of you have selected to see project member matches only, which I agree with.

Here is a link to information and I can forward other pages
Remember you can see our results at

Jim Barrett - Timpson, TX
Barrett Surname DNA - http://www.flash.net/~parino/barrett-family-dna-project.htm
Powell Surname DNA - http://www.flash.net/~parino/powell-surname-dna-project.htm

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From: <>
Subject: Family Tree DNA Project Join Request
Date: Tuesday, February 10, 2009, 9:44 PM

The following person has requested to join Project Powell:
Benjaman Kyle
Kit Number: 140314
Join Request: Unidentified Amnesia Victim - 50/60 yr old white male about
5'11" & 240 lbs w/pale blue-green eyes & graying hair. Found
naked, beaten & unconscious on 08/31/04 in Richmond Hill, GA (right off exit
87 of I-95). No identification was recovered from his unconscious person. Cannot
remember his name or other identifying information but believes he was born
& raised in Indiana & later moved to Colorado possibly during
1970's. Was featured on Dr. Phil Show entitled, "Who Am I" on
10/16/08 & re-aired on 12/31/08. Uses pseudonym, "Benjaman Kyle,"
until he can recover his true identity. He submitted a 37 marker Y-DNA which
resulted in two matches - both of which had the same last name of
"Powell." One was a 37 marker genetic distance 3 and the other was a
37 marker genetic distance 4. He is intelligent, highly functioning and
well-mannered with a professional demeanor. He is also in good health. Please
consider adding Benjaman to the Powell Family Project. He really needs your help
in order to have his true identity restored to him, to be reunited with his
family again, and to get his life back. Thank you kindly.

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