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From: Robert T. Strong< >
Subject: Thompson and Hugh POWELL of Hancock Co., GA, 1805
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 1996 10:12:18 EST

On Mon, 30 Dec 1996 00:04:30 -0800 Julia Wood
<> asked:


>One more question. I believe that the Hugh POWELL
>b. abt. 1775 in NC, and found in my BRIDGES household
>in 1850, in Greene Co., GA. was probably the brother of
>Thompson POWELL b. 1771 in NC, and who married
>Charlotte BRIDGES. Hugh was somehow related to
>Hardy and Nancy Bridges, if only that his sister-in-law
>was a BRIDGES.

>My question is this: Where were Thompson
>POWELL and Charlotte BRIDGES married?

>Thanks, again.

To recapitulate, Hugh Powell and Thompson
Powell were residing in Hancock County, GA,
when they registered for the 1805 Georgia Land
Lottery. Thompson Powell had purchased land
there in 1804. In 1805, Hugh Powell had only
one draw in the lottery. So we know he was
probably age 21 or over and single in 1805.
>From his 1850 census in Greene Co., GA, you
deduced Hugh Thompson was born in NC
around 1775.

Thompson Powell was on the 1800 census of
Robeson County, NC, and appeared to be
"married with children" at that time. Thompson
Powell and his wife were both over 25 years of
age, or born before 1775. They had one son
and three daughters born between 1790 and
1800. Thompson, thus, likely married around
the early 1790s in North Carolina.

Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr., in THE POWELL
Powell marriages in either Robeson or Cumberland
Counties, NC, prior to 1800. From this I assume that
these counties did not start their marriage registers
until after1800. This assumption needs to be

As I intimated in my earlier message, Thompson
Powell might possibly be a son of a Lewis Powell,
as his descendants appear to have incorrectly
believed Thompson to have been a son of
Lewis Powell, the younger of two of record in
Robeson County in the 1790s. Lewis Powell, born
about 1750 in Bladen County, NC, according to his
own statements in his Revolutionary War Pension
application, filed from Dooly County, GA, most
probably was the son of Isaiah Powell of
Cumberland and Robeson County, NC, records.
My guess is that this Lewis Powell was born in
the part of Bladen County that became
Cumberland County a couple of years later.
This Lewis stated he was residing in "Robeson
County" at the time of the Revolution, but
Robeson County was not officially formed until
late 1786. During the Revolution, this Lewis
Powell was apparently residing in the part of
Bladen County which became Robeson County.

The elder Lewis Powell, who owned land on
Ten Mile Swamp in Robeson County adjacent the
land of Isaiah Powell, apparently died between
1796 and 1800. In a 1800 deed, Catharine Powell,
his apparent widow, was expressly stated to be
a resident of Robeson County, although she was
not enumerated as a head of household there in
1800. One of the problems is that only one Lewis
Powell appeared on the 1790 census in Robeson
County and he was likely the younger Lewis, the
RW vet. So...was the elder Lewis a non-resident
land owner? Was he the same person as
Lewis Powell, Sr., or Lewis Powell, Jr., of
Cumberland County, NC?

The records of a Lewis Powell begin in Cumberland
County, NC, in the 1770s, whereas the records of
Isaiah Powell begin there in the 1750s, at the time
the county was formed from Bladen County. Lewis
Powell was residing in Cumberland County at the
time of the Revolutionary War, as he signed the
Oath of Allegiance to the new State of North
Carolina there. Several persons have been
accepted into the DAR as descendants of Lewis
Powell, Sr., "Patriot", and his alleged son, Lewis
Powell, Jr., of Cumberland County, the latter a
Revolutionary War soldier who reportedly lived
and died in Cumberland County. Could Lewis
Powell, Sr., of Cumberland County, NC, have
also been the father of Thompson Powell and/or
Hugh Powell, both born in the 1770s?

When researching in Cumberland County, NC,
keep in mind the name "Powell" was often
mis-spelled "Bowell" in that county. The same
error occured in Robeson County, but much less

As mentioned in an earlier message, the three
surviving children of Lewis Powell of Dooly Co.,
GA, did not claim Thompson Powell as their
brother, although Thompson was alive when
Lewis Powell died in 1839. The approved DAR
applications of descendants of Thompson
Powell, purporting that Thompson Powell was
a son of Lewis Powell of Dooly County, GA,
are obviously erroneous.

The following descendancy charts were
abstracted from DAR records. You will note
some discrepancies from one DAR
application to another.

DAR Member #120057:

Lewis Powell, Jr., m. 1793 Catherine McRae (1770-1815)
Eliza Ann Powell (1802-1865) m. Archibald Ochiltree
Hugh Ochiltree (1820-1891) m. Mary Josephine Shaw
Arabella Stuart Ochiltreee, b. Orange Co., TX
m. George Walter

Lewis Powell, Jr., was a privage in the 4th NC Regiment.
He was born in Cumberland County and died in
Fayetteville, Cumberland County, NC.

DAR Member #132849

Lewis Powell [Sr.], (1738-1790) m. Rebecca Field
Lewis Powell, Jr. (1762-1810) m. Catherine McRae
Eliza Ann Powell
Hugh Ochiltree
S. Lillian Ochiltree, b. Orange Co., TX
m. James B. Hill

Lewis Powell [Sr.] was a Patriot, a member of the
Cumberland County, NC, Association. He was
born and died in Cumberland County. [But the
county did not exist in 1738.]

DAR Member #159140

Lewis Powell m. Martha Thompson
Thompson Powell (1771-1844) m. Charlotte Bridges
Hugh Thompson Powell (1815-1859)
m. Martha J. A. A. Cottrell (1818-1896)
Julia Amanda Powell (b. 1836)
m. 1852 Lewis Dawson Wimberley
Belle Wimberley (b. 1867)
m. 1889 Thomas Barton Ragan
Miss Elsie Ragan, b. Hawkinsville, GA,

Lewis Powell was a private in NC Troops
under Col. Thomas Robeson

DAR Member #163186

Lewis Powell, b. 1750 Bladen Co., NC
m. Martha Thompson
Thompson Powell
Hugh Thompson Powell
Tulluha (?) Octavia Powell (1849-1913)
m. John Sylvanus Stewart (1837-1909)
Pauline Stewart, b. Macon, GA
m. David Edmund Duggan

Abstracts of some Robeson County Deeds and
Census Records:

Lewis Powell sold two tracts of land, located on Ten
Mile Swamp in Robeson County, to Joseph Hodge on
21 DEC 1796. One tract was adjacent Isaiah Powell
and Milby Musslewhite. Lewis Powell signed by his
mark, resembling a bold letter "P". William Regan
was as witness. Recorded APR 1798 in Deed Book
H, pages 201-202.

On 15 MAR 1800, Joseph Hodge and Catherine
Powell, both of Robeson County, deeded the above
lands to Joseph Smith, a merchant from Fayetteville,
Cumberland County, NC. Witnesses were J. McCall
and "Joab" Baxley. Recorded APR 1800 in
Deed Book I, pages 234-235. [In effect, Catherine
Powell proved the title of Joseph Hodge. This
implies that Lewis Powell had died or was disabled
and that Catherine Powell was his wife/widow.]

[1790 census of Robeson County: Ambrose Powell,
Lewis Powell, Joseph Powell, and "Katy" Powell
were residing in close proximity to "Job" Baxley,
numerous Musslewhites, and Joseph Hodge. Lewis,
Joseph, and "Katy" Powell households were listed
successively. The Lewis Powell on the 1790 census
would thus appear to be the Lewis Powell of the
1796 deed.]

On 2 APR 1801, the heirs of Reading Baggett,
deceased, conveyed 100 acres on Saddletree
Swamp, originally granted to Joseph Baggett,
to Jacob Rhodes. Among the heirs were
Lewis and Mary [Baggett?] Powell, whose
execution was proved by Robert Hailes
["High Sheriff"]. Recorded Deed Book M,
pages 231-234.
[This would appear to be Lewis Powell, Jr.,
of Robeson County, assuming that Lewis
Powell, Sr., had died before 1800, as implied
by the deeds above.]

These records need to be compared with
records of Lewis Powells residing in
Cumberland County, NC, after the Revolutionary
War. Note that there are no records of Lewis
and Martha Powell in Bladen or Robeson
County, NC.

1800 Robeson County, NC, census of Lewis
Powell [Jr.], page 412, line 16:

One male, age 26-44 [age 50 per pension file]
One female, age 26-44
One female, age 16-25 [Lewis m. bef. 1885]
One female, age 10-15
Two males and two females, less than age 10

Can anyone on the POWELL Mail List add
anything to this analysis? Who were the
wives of the Lewis Powells of Cumberland
County, NC? Who were their children?

Submitted by:
Robert T. ("Bob") Strong, Jr.

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