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Subject: POWELL, Nicholas m. MARTIN, Elizabeth
Date: Sun, 19 Jan 1997 12:17:48 EST

From: Margaret Miller <>
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Subject: POWELL, Nicholas / MARTIN, Elizabeth;
NC,USA > MS,USA; 1750-1830
Date: 18 Jan 1997 02:42:35 GMT
Organization: LDS I-America

migrated from Robeson Co., NC, to Marion Co., MS,
1818-1820. When/where was he born? Was he the
NICHOLAS POWELL who served during Rev War?
When/where did he marry ELIZABETH "BETTIE"
MARTIN? Was she the dau/o RICHARD MARTIN
of Wayne Co., NC? Who was her mother? All help
with this family appreciated.

Margaret Miller

Individual Summary - 19 JAN 1997
Name:Nicholas POWELL
Father:Douglas POWELL , Sr. (born bef 1716)
[Son of Thomas Powell of Brunswick Co., VA.
Grandson of Nathaniel Powell
of Isle of Wight Co., VA.
Great-grandson of Thomas Powell
of Isle of Wight Co., VA]
Mother:Not identified. Douglas Powell probably
married her in Brunswick Co., VA.

Individual Facts for Nicholas Powell:

Birthabt 1760-1765 in Brunswick Co., VA
or Duplin Co., NC
Deathabt SEP 1821 in Marion Co., MS
REFNRev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.'s ID # 47b


1. Elizabeth MARTIN
Birthabt 1760 in North Carolina?
Deathbef 1835 in Marion Co., MS

Children:Sterling E. POWELL (born abt 1786)
Martin POWELL (born abt 1788)
Percel POWELL (born abt 1790)
Ansel [Ancil] POWELL (born abt 1790)
Edith POWELL (born abt 1792)
Nancy Ann POWELL (born abt 1794)
Lydia POWELL (born abt 1805)
Evan POWELL (born abt 1811)
Ephonia POWELL (born abt 1813)


[A Nicholas Powell served in the Revolutionary War,
for which HIS HEIRS received a warrant for 640 acres of
land, which they assigned, that is, sold. This Nicholas
was deceased before 1804 and is thus not the same
person as Nicholas, son of Douglas Powell.]

1786 Tax List, Wayne County, NC: Nicholas Powell, no
land, 1 white poll, 1 black poll. Nicholas was probably
age 21 or over, thus born 1765 or earlier.

1790 census, Robeson County, NC: Nicholas Powell,
1 male over 16, 3 males under 16, 1 female, 1 slave.

1800 census, Robeson County, NC, page 411:
Nicholas Powell, Esq., 1 male and 3 females under 10,
2 males 10-15, 1 male and 1 female16-44, [Nicholas
was thus born 1756 or later.] In 1800 Nicholas Powell
was apparently a Justice or a Justice of the Peace.

1810 census, Robeson County, NC, page 238:
"Niclas" Powell, 1 male under 10, 1 male 10-15,
1 male and 2 females 16-25, 1 male and 1 female over
45. [Nicholas was thus born before 1765.]

Land entries, patents, grants, and deeds to
Nicholas Powell in Bladen and Robeson Counties,
NC, need to be abstracted.

Grantor deed dated 12 JUL 1815 from Douglas,
Nicholas, and Thomas Powell, personal property
belonging to their deceased brother, Starling Powell
[of Wayne Co., NC]. Robert Powell was a witness,
Recorded in Robeson County. [This Robert Powell
was NOT a sibling.]

Grantor Deeds, Robeson County, NC, land on Ashpole
Swamp: dated 10 DEC 1792, 15 DEC 1814, 30 DEC 1816,
26 JUL 1817,

Grantor deeds from Ann Powell, Robeson County:
11 JAN 1799, 200 acres on Ashpole Swamp,
1804, to James Pittman, 200 acres on Ashpole Swamp.

[Ann Powell was possibly a daughter of widowed
daughter-in-law of either Douglas Powell, Jr., or Nicholas
Powell, as these two owned land on Aspole Swamp.
She was possibly Ann, the widow of Jacob Powell.
Ann, widow of Jacob Powell, was named in several
grants and deeds in Robeson County between 1788
and 1797. These records need to be re-studied and
abstracted. Note that Evan, son of Nicholas, in 1839
married Mary Pittman in Marion Co., MS. Also on
Ashpole Swamp was Elizabeth, apparent widow of
Elijah Powell. Elizabeth was named as a "daughter"
of Ambrose Powell in an 1814 deed.]

Grantor Deeds in Robeson County in 1818 (two) and
1819, need to be abstracted.

In 1817, Douglas, Nicholas, and Thomas Powell [heirs
of Starling Powell] deed to Wm. & Benjamin Lewis. As
administrator of the estate of Griffin Staton, Nicholas
sold land on 6 AUG 1817.

Nicholas Powell and family migrated to Marion County,
Mississippi, between AUG 1817 and the 1820 census
of Marion County, MS.

1820 census, Marion Co., MS. Nicholas Powell: 1 male
and 1 female over age 45, 1 male and 2 females age
15-25, and 1 male, under age 10. It seems there was a
married son or daughter with one child in his home in
1820. James Powell family also in Marion County;
possibly a son. James and his wife were age 26-44,
with 4 sons and 2 daughtes under the age of 10. The
1850 census of James should be studied for his nativity.

Will of Nicholas Powell, written 7 JUL 1821, probated
24 SEP 1821, recorded Marion County, MS, Orphan
Court Record Book A, Page 133. Wife: Elizabeth.
Children: Ancil, Edith, Ann, Evan, Percel, Lydia, and
"Sterling". Letters of administration issued to Ancil
and Sterling Powell. Estate settlment closed by
"Ansell" Powell in 1833.

1830 census of Marion County, MS: Elizabeth, age
under 60, with one male and one female, age 20-39.
Ansel Powell household: he and wife over age 40,
1 female ove age 20, 4 males and 1 female under
age 10.

1840 census of Marion County, MS: Evan Powell
(p. 115), Persel Powell, (p. 115), Hinton Powell
(p. 125).


I descend from Ambrose Powell, through Charles
Powell, his son, and through James Powell, grandson
of Ambrose and son of Charles, all of Bladen and
Robeson Counties, NC. The Charles Powell family,
including James Powell, migrated about late 1799
or early 1800 to Washington Co., GA. Seeking proof
that Ambrose Powell was a son of Lewis Powell of
Duplin County, NC, in the 1750s, and that the Lewis
Powell who died 1796-1800 in Robeson County, NC,
was this same Lewis Powell.

Bob Strong

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