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From: Betty Renfroe <>
Subject: Thomas POWELLs of Old Rappahannock Co., VA & Lancaster Co., VA
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 08:37:10 -0000

Here are some old posts, i have saved about thomas powells of virginia.
I have never seen any data that connects Thomas Powell/mary place
or John Powell/coghill sisters with any powell families in Wales. There
is a document that connects the William Powell family of Jamestown
to an English family. William Powell left no male heirs in Virginia. Hope
you find this interesting.

Albert Eugene Casey, M. D., and Nell Frances Lowery. O'KIEF, CASHE
VOLUME XIII. Published and bound privately for the Amite and
Knocknagree Historical Fund, 2011 Southwood Road, Birmingham,
Alabama 35216, (c) 1967.

Copies of this book have been found at the undergraduate library
at the Samford University, Birmingham, AL, and in the Heritage
Room, Huntsville-Madison County, AL, Public Library.

Howell Powell and Thomas Powell have been purported to have been
brothers. They were likely immigrants to the Virgiinia Colony.
They settled in Old Rappahannock County, VA, then moved to
Lancaster County, VA, then relocated to Maryland, where they
resided in Baltimore County and Talbot County, where they died.
I have seen no record that clearly proves that Thomas was a brother
of Howell Powell, but that conclusion appears plausible because of
their close affiliation. In a recent message to the Powell Mail List
I have proposed that Thomas Powell of Lancaster County, VA,
was the likely father of Thomas Powell who married Mary Place. Because
of the great interest in the Thomas and Mary (Place) Powell
family, I will abstract the records of Thomas Powell, Sr., as presented
by Albert Casey, M.D., here.

This review shows there were two Thomas Powells who were
residents of Lancaster County, both of whom named sons Thomas.

Before proceeding, it should be noted that there were other Powells
who were residing in Old Rappahannock County, VA. There appear
to have been two John Powells in Old Rappahannock County.
One John Powell married Miss Michael Turner in 1689 and the
records of this family are found in Richmond Co., VA.

The second John Powell was born about 1644 and died about 1699
in Essex Co., VA, formerly Old Rappahannock County. He married
(1) Mary Coghill in 1690, and (2) Mary's sister, Margaret Coghill
in 1694. Dr. Casey reported John Powell was the father of Robert and
Henry Powell of Caroline County, Elias Powell of King George Co.,
[James] Powell, and John Powell of Burke Co., NC. William Powell
(b. ca. 1691, d. 1760) and Lucas Powell of Brunswick Co., VA, may
have been other sons, according to Dr. Casey. [Thomas Powell,
who died in Brunswick County, VA, about 1750, has been proved
to have been a son of Nathaniel Powell of Isle of Wight Co., VA,
rather than of John Powell of Old Rappahannock Co., VA, as
theorized by Dr. Casey.] It seems clear that John Powell was
related to one of the Thomas Powells if Old Rappahannock
and/or Lancaster Counties, VA, but the nature or degree of
relationship is not clear.

In a deed dated 3 APR 1660, James Toone reported that the
250 acres in Old Rappahannock County that he was selling had
been willed to him by Richard Powell.


1650 Oct. 18, (Virginia Land Patent Book 2, Page 288.) Thomas
Powell granted 500 acres for the transportation of 10 persons.
The land was described as "lying on the north side of
Rappahannock River about three miles above Mr. Eaton's
plantation, being a neck of land commonly called "Powell's
Quarter"...bounded on the east by Deep Creek.

1655 22 Dec. [date recorded?] Walter Herd acknowledged that
he had contracted to purchase 400 acres from Thomas Powell
and Howell Powell and that he was unable to pay for the land,
therefore Herd surrendered the land back to Thomas Powell
and Howell Powell. Recorded in Lancaster County, VA, Deed
Book 2, page 25.

1656/7 16 Feb. Thomas (T) Powell was a witness to the will of
Clement Thrash. In 1652, Clement Thrash patented land
on the south side of Rappahannock River "on the top of
the mountain".

1657 Sept. 17. Thomas Powell and his wife, Ann Powell, conveyed
by a deed of gift to Howell Powell his 400 acre patent, located
on the west side of the Corotoman River at Dogwood Spring
in Lancaster County. Recorded in Lancaster County, VA, Deed
Book 2, page 135.
[Was this Howell Powell a brother or a son of Thomas Powell?]

1658 I June. Thomas Powell patented 700 acres in Lancaster
County, VA, located on the west side of Corotoman River.
300 acres of this was purchased from Will. Chapham, Jr.
400 acres adjoining was granted Thomas Powell on
26 FEB 1650/1651. Recorded in Lancaster County Deed
Book 2, Page 195.

1659 30 June. Thomas Powell and Howell Powell conveyed
the above 700 acres to William Clapham, Sr. The deed
was witnessed by Walter Dickison and Richard Gorsuch,
the latter being the father-in-law of Howell Powell. The
deed was recorded on 27 JUL 1659 in Lancaster County,
VA, Deed Book 2, page 195. [There is an implication in
this deed that this Howell Powell might be the eldest son and
heir at law of Thomas Powell; otherwise, why would he
be a party to this deed of sale of land that was granted to
Thomas Powell? Copies of these two deed need to be
obtained and studied for particulars.]

1659 July 16. Thomas Powell granted 700 acres, Howell Powell
granted 300 acres on north shore of Patapsco River in
Baltimore County, MD. Grants in same vicinity the same
date were made to other residents (or former residents)
of Lancaster County, VA: Robert Gorsuch, Richard Gorsuch,
William Dickinson, and others.

1661 May 13. Thomas Powell and Richard Gorsuch claimed
headrights for transporting 12 persons to Maryland,
including Howell Powell, Elizabeth Powell, Ann Powell,
Thomas Powell, Ann Powell, Richard Gorsuch, Elizabeth
Gorsuch, Lovelace Gorsuch.

1664 2 October. Thomas Powell of Lancaster Co., VA, executed
a deed in which he announced his intention to immediately
marry Mrs. Jame Catesby. He conveyed to her 200 pounds
Sterling plus "one third of my dividend of land lying and
being on the North side of the Rappahannock River whereon
I now live consisting of 500 acres more or less..." The
deed was recorded on 20 OCT 1664 in Lancaster County,
VA, Deed Book 2, page 293.

1665 16 October [date recorded?]. Thomas Powell, Sr., made
a deed of gift of six cows to his son, Thomas Powell, Jr.,
"providing always and upon consideration nevertheless
that if my son Thomas should happen to depart this life
before me without wife or issue.." then the cows and their
increase would revert back to Thomas Powell, Sr. Jane
Powell signed that she freely consented to the gift.
Recorded in Deed Book 2, Page 27. [This deed implies
that Thomas Powell, Jr., was single and perhaps was
emancipated in 1665.]

1665 Dec. 27. Thomas Powell of Rappahannock Co., VA,
purchased 50 acres from John Mills of Rappahannock Co.
"...near the flood gate...on Tignor's Creek..." Recorded
15 FEB 1665/1666 in Old Rappahannock Co., VA, Deed
Book 3, Page 342. [This is likely Thomas Powell who
married Mary Place in 1667.]

1666 September or October. Thomas (T) and Mary (X) Powell
sold their interest in 300 acres land to James Coghill of
Sittingbourne Parish, Rappahannock Co., VA,. The
land was
"lying in the freshes of Rappahannock River on the North side
of the River." Recorded Old Rappahannock Co., VA, Deed
Book 3, page 317.

[Possibly Thomas Powell and Mary Place Powell. James
Coghill was the father of Mary and Margaret Coghill,
subsequently wives of John Powell. The mark of Thomas
Powell on this deed needs to be compared with the mark
of Thomas Powell on the 1657 will of Clement Thrash. ]

1667 October 22. Thomas Powell m. Mary Place, Rappahannock
County, VA.

1668 Oct. 26, (Virginia Land Patent Book 6, Page 178.) Thomas
Powell granted 646 acres on the south side of Rappahannock
River "in ye freshes about four miles up from ye water side."

[A 1665 grant to John Powell was in the same vicinity: "about
four miles from the river side and on main branch of Occupare
Creek..." This could be a different John Powell than the
John Powell who married Mary Coghill 1690) and Margaret
(1694), as there appears to a generation difference in their
probable ages.]

1668 Nov. 5 [date recorded?]. Thomas Powell and Richard Syms
[Symmes or Sims?] purchased a tract of land located in
Old Rappahannock County from Thomas Maddison. The
location was not clear. Recorded Deed Book 4, Page 115.

The following records give as reference "26 V, page 208-218".
This is probably an article in the Virginia Magazine of Biography
and History, aka Virginia Historical Magazine.]

Howell Powell and Thomas Powell appear on the Baltimore
County, Maryland, rent rolls as patentees of several tracts in
the 1760s. They owned land on the north side of the Patapsco
River. A 1667 deed indicated that Howell Powell and his
wife, Elizabeth [Gorsuch], were then residents of Baltimore
County, MD.

In 1670 Howell Powell patented land in Talbott Co., MD, which
he called "Weston". The Gorsuch family subsequently resided
on this land.

Howell Powell affiliated with the Society of Friends (Quakers).
Although he died intestate and no administration has been
found, some vital records of this family are recorded in the
minutes of the Tred Avon Monthly Meeting, Society of Friends.
Records there indicate that Howell Powell died 7th day, 7th
month, 1704 [18 OCT 1704, New Style]. His age was reported
to be 81 [thus born about 1623.] The deaths of seven Powells
are recorded in the Tred Avon MM minutes. One of these was
Howell Powell, Jr., who died in 1740 at age 66 [thus born about
1674]. He could not have been the Howell Powell mentioned
in the 1657 deed of gift from Thomas and Ann Powell. Daniel
Powell died testate in 1731 at age 60 [born about 1671]. No details
of the will are given, but it is cited as proof that Howell Powell, Jr.,
was a brother and thus son of Howell Powell, Sr. Anne, a sister
of Daniel and Howell, Jr., is identified in the will of Thomas
Powell. Elizabeth Powell, Jr., was likely another child of
Howell Powell and Elizabeth Gorsush Powell (Sr.).

The will of Thomas Powell was dated 17 JAN 1669 [1670,
New Style] and was recorded in Talbot County, Maryland.
Wife: Ann. Eldest son: Thomas. Daughter: Anne. Dear
friend: Howell Powell. Anne Powell, daughter of Howell
Powell, was bequeathed a legacy.

Dr. Casey gives a more detailed abstract of the will of Thomas
Powell on page 2778 of his Volume 13:

"Thomas Powell of Talbot County, Marland, d. 17 January 1669;
probated 11 April 1670; to daughter Anne Powell, Anne Powell
daugher of Howell Powell, Howell Powell and Winlock Christison
personality; to wife, Ann Powell, one-half of plantation during
her lifetime; to eldest son, Thomas Powell, one-half said plantation,
he to possess the whole at death of said wife Anne Powell; also,
"Hog Island." To William Thunderman, Jr.: "Old Town" on
Choptanke River at majority. Executors: Richard Gorsuch,
Lovelace Gorsush, George Cowley. Teste: William Blackstone,
John Wiggins, Michael Parker, Edward Fish." Recorded in Talbott
County, MD, Deed Book 1, page 373.


ANALYSIS: It now appears obvious from the study of the above
records that the Thomas Powell, Sr., of Lancaster County, VA,
who remarried to Mrs. Jane Catesby in 1664, and who was the
father of Thomas Powell, Jr., to whom he made a deed of gift in
1665, was NOT the same person as Thomas Powell with wife Anne,
who relocated to Maryland. However, there is a unsettling
correspondence in the dates of their two wills: only 2 days apart!
>From the dates alone, one would suspect they were the same
person, but from the content of their wills and the names of their
wives, it is clear they are two different persons.

Although we have much information about the Thomas Powell
who relocated to Maryland, there is little published information
available about the Thomas Powell, Sr., of Lancaster County, VA,
who married, second, Mrs. Jane Catesby in 1664 or 1665.

Thomas Powell, Jr., son of Thomas Powell, Sr., of Lancaster
County, VA, remains the most likely person to have married
Mary Place. Francis Place, father of Mary Place, was also
a resident of Lancaster County. The identity of the first wife
of Thomas Powell, Sr., and the mother of Thomas Powell,
Jr., is unknown at this time. A detailed study of the civil
records of Lancaster County should be undertaken in an
effort to gleam more information about this Thomas Powell
family and their possible affiliations with the Place family.

published by Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr. Easley, SC: Southern
Historical Press, (c) 1969, 1977.

Pages 384-387: Legal records from Old Rappahannock, Essex,
and Lancaster Counties, VA, pertaining to Powells. Includes
abstracts of most of the records in Dr. Casey's book, mentioned

Pages 409-428, Section 8, Group III, "The Powell Family of Essex
County, Virginia, into Culpepper, Orange, and Amherst Counties,
Virginia and Kentucky". A presentation of Thomas and Mary Place Powell
and their descendants.

Page 428: Lancaster County, Virginia, Wills, 1653-1800, by Lee:
"Will of Thomas Powell, Januray 19, 1669." [1670, New Style]
"Sons: Rawleigh (not 18) and Thomas Powell, cousin John

Page 517: Lancaster County, Virginia, Wills, 1653-1800, by Lee:

Will of "Rawley" Powell: February 6, 1686. Father-in-law, John
Kerby, Executor. Sister, Ann Dacres. Brothers Thomas Kerby,
Nathaniel Horton. God-daughter, Ann Mason.

[Why was Thomas Powell, Jr., brother, not mentioned in the
will of Rawleigh Powell? Did the will read: brothers Thomas,
Kerby, Nathaniel, and Horton?]

Page 566: Abstract of will of Thomas Powell of Talbot Co., MD

Page 567: Abstract of the will of John Pitt of Talbot Co., MD,
naming his daughter, Susannah, as wife of Daniel

Page 568: Abstract of will of Daniel Powell of Talbot Co., MD

Page 568: Abstract of will of Howell Powell [Jr.] of Talbot Co., MD


Researches of the Thomas and Mary (Place) Powell family need
to acquire a copy of the 1669/1670 will of Thomas Powell, Sr., of
Lancaster County, VA, for study.

This will provides clear proof that Thomas Powell, Sr., of
Lancaster County in 1664 - 1665 was a different person than
the Thomas Powell who died in Talbot County, Maryland, in
January, 1670. And he also has a son, Thomas Powell, Jr., who
is theorized to have been the husband of Mary Place Powell,
this family residing in Old Rappahannock County, now Essex
County, VA, from their marriage on 22 OCT 1667 until the
death of Thomas Powell on 20 MAR 1701 [New Style].

It is noteworthy that Thomas Powell, Sr., of Lancaster
County, does not name a son, John Powell, in his will, as
there was a John Powell in Essex County who was a
contemporary of Thomas Powell who married Mary Place
and some researchers have theorized they were brothers.
The will does not support that conclusion, assuming that
Thomas Powell, Jr., of Lancaster County, and Thomas
Powell with wife Mary Place Powell, of Essex County are
the same person.

It would seem possible that the maiden name of the mother of
Thomas Powell, Sr., of Lancaster County, was Gibson. If so,
the children of her brothers would be cousins of Thomas Powell.
One the other hand, if the father of Thomas Powell had a
sister who married a Mr. Gibson, their children would also be
cousins of Thomas Powell. The Gibson connection should be
researched for clues regarding Thomas Powell, Sr., of Lancaster
County, VA.


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