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From: "Jen" <>
Subject: Welsh in Kansas (formerly Welsh in America)
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 02:06:18 -0500

Hello Kathy and fellow listers!

I have an interest in this article on Welsh settlers in Kansas. I see you
have mentioned several names below and was wondering if there were any more.

My ancestors (William G. JONES and Jane nee GEORGE) left Cwmdu, Breconshire,
South Wales in 1884 for Liverpool where they boarded the ship Scythia bound
for New York with their three children: William John b. July 13, 1881; twins
Margaret Jane and Rachel Anna, b. May 21, 1883. After arriving April 9, 1884
in New York, the family immediately left for Kansas settling in Arvonia. The
family bought land on at least two occasions in Arvonia, Arvonia Township,
Osage County Kansas. In 1909, they left the farm in Osage County and moved
to 'town' in Lebo, Coffey County, Kansas.

Is there any info on my ancestors in the article you have? Where did you get
the article? Is it a book? If so, when was it printed? Who is the author?

I know of a book called, "Arvonia, the Little Welsh Village" which I am
trying desperately to locate and read. I'm hoping there is something
mentioned about my family in it. If anyone has access to it, please contact

The Kansas towns you have mentioned are all very close in proximity. There
was a very large Welsh population in that area and I know that St. David's
Day is still celebrated in some communities. If anyone has connections with
the area, I would be more than happy to correspond with you as my mother
grew up in that area and still has siblings living there. I have also been
to Arvonia, which is now a ghost town, and taken a few photos. There is
still an old school there which is in good shape. I'm not sure it is being
used for anything in particular, but I did photograph it. There are still a
few residents in the area, but not enough to call it a town. If anyone has
any further questions, I'll do my best to answer them.

I will be near the area this coming weekend for a family reunion on the
other side of my mother's family and might have a chance to do some looking

Thanks for the mention of the Kansas area and if you would please let me
know if my ancestors are mentioned in your article, I'd be most

Thanks again!
Jennifer Ohmes

Dodge City, KS
very hot, sunny and dry

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> Kansas towns settled by Welsh were mainly Carbondale, Reading, Burlingame,
> Arvonia, Lebo, and Emporia. Settled by Welsh from Llanfynydd, Corwen,
> Cyfarthfa, Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil,Anglesey, and Aberystwyth.
> Names mentioned:
> 1856: The Rev. George Lewis and wife Matilda, two sons, William and
> who had first settled in Ohio before moving to Kansas. Lewis was born in
> Carmarthen and held pastorates in Gomer, Ohio, and Old Man's ? Long Creek,
> Iowa, before coming to Emporia.
> 1857: David Morris, a shoemaker, who started a shop in the new town,
> and mending shoes and boots.
> One of first marriages was between David Morris and Mary Lewis.
> Edward Evans - from Wisconsin-born in Mold, Flintshire
> Hugh and David Williams and Widow Williams - from Wisconsin
> William Evans, Robert Morris, Ellis Owens, Peter Bennett
> Later: Gehiel D. Humphrey and wife Evelina, sons, Lucius and Arthur -
> sawmill
> David Jones and wife Margaret, two children Ann and William
> Edward Morris was a miner in Wales..brought wife Anna Williams and
> six children to America in 1854, following the coal mining industry
> Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and Illinois. In 1858 he settled south
> Emporia on a creek.....
> 1858; John Hammond
> 1865 Thomas Evans (who was 10 when his family moved there); in 1900
> Blair
> Griffith Pritchard Jones was born in Caernarvonshire, NorthWales, in 1847.
> Came to Remsen, N.Y. wherethere was a large Welsh settlement in 1852...in
> 1869 to Emporia
> 1869 Lewis Lewis went ot St. Paul, Minn first then went to Kansas.
> Married Margaret Williams.
> Griffith Roberts who came to work in the stone quarries..Son Evan Joe
> Evan L. Jones from Llwynfedwen, Llanfynydd
> William Rees emigrated from Glyngwilyn, South Wales to Emporia in 1871.
> son Llewellyn returned to wales in 1886 to marry and bring his wife to
> Kansas, but she missed her native land so they returned to Wales in 1893.
> Richard and Rachel Morgan
> Rev. John Jones..organized a Welsh Presbyterian Church
> Daniel Jones...
> J.D.W. Jones who married Margaret Griffiths in Cincinnati, then moved to
> Emporia...

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