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From: "Ron O'Neill" <>
Subject: Re: Egyptian genes in Wales
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 14:13:22 +0100

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Subject: Egyptian genes in Wales

> Hello Listers,
> An article in today's Western Mail refers to evidence in a new book "
> of the Ark" by Lorraine Evans that some of the Welsh are descended from an
> Egyptian princess who fled Egypt with her followers around 1350 BC.
> Evidence is based on various artifacts of Egyptian type found in Ireland
> UK over many years, but played down by the establishments, and on ABO
> group studies in Wales in 1986 finding a high incidence of group O, also
> found in Scots and Irish, and in Hamatic tribes in North Africa, the
> descendants of the ancient Egyptians. They had travelled here via Spain
> Ireland it says.
> I remember the 1986 study being reported in the Western Mail,as I joked it
> with some N Wales( where the incidence was greatest) friends of mine, two
> us had served in the Army in Egypt in 1952/53! Elfed Matthews of Menai
> Bridge is one if anyone can find him for me - ex Royal Signals and GPO
> like me.
> There was a plan to settle some of the Jews in Wales years ago, and of
> the Moors were in Spain a very long time. Perhaps we all need a blood and
> test now??
> The book is published Simon and Schuster, price £17.99.
> Sleep well,
> Dennis Cleaton
> Ex. MELF 10.

We're going to Egypt in October, anybody want a look up while we're
there. :-)) Ron O'Neill

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