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From: Lawrence Bouett <>
Subject: Re: ANCESTRY.COM....yes or no?
Date: Tue, 01 May 2001 08:04:09 -0700
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> I need help! I signed up for the 14 day FREE trial of Ancestry.com. Within
> those 14 days I haven't really found much of anything. Either I don't know
> where or how to search, or there is nothing useful for me there. Now my 14
> days are up, but I can't decide weither I should keep trying with it for the
> $59.00 yearly fee and a free Library CD ($45.00 value) or just cancel it.
> My other problem is I can't figure out HOW to cancel it if I wanted to.
> Who can help me??

Dear Pat,

I cannot help you with your cancelling your subscription--it looks like others
already have--but I can tell you my own experience with the site. I got an
annual subscription a while back. I just took a chance because it was a
special--$39.95, I believe. Anyway, for a while, I didn't seem to get anything,
but then, I started to get results. If you have New England Colonial ancestors,
there is a wealth of information available. I have more than received back my
subscription price in value. I dislike the way the site is set up, but there
are some truly incredible databases online.

I generally use the SEARCH function by Locality, selecting the state I want,
then try to hit all the state-specific databases. Often, I select a single
source, like 'Philadelphia County Wills', for example, and stay within that

Once again, I've more than received back my subscription price. I think it is
highly user-specific whether that is the case for others.

Good luck,

Lawrence Bouett

P.S.: Upon re-reading what I wrote, above, I guess what I'm saying is that, if
you can afford the subscription price, give it a try, because if you hit
paydirt, you'll be very glad you paid the price. - LWB

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