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Subject: Re: Death Cetificate
Date: Thu, 3 May 2001 14:32:28 EDT

Hi Rod,
Seeing your enquiry this morning I thought Hum, I`m going that way today so I
shall have a look for Isfryn. The following is an example of the wonderful
way things just happen to work out sometimes in this `genealogy thing`
Passing the Groes Hotel on the right hand side of the road aproaching the
village of Tyn y Groes, Conwy I pulled in approx 250 yds further on where I
saw a couple of properties. My intention was to ask anyone if they happened
to know where the property was with the full knowledge that I could be on a
wild goose chase.
Lo and behold, the name Isfryn shouted out at me from the name plate above
the door of the second of a pair of semi detached stone cottages. So, I will
send you a couple of attachments off list of your great grandmothers abode.
Owing to the scares about virus attachments I am warning you in advance. one
will be Isfryn.jpg and the other will be HenEfail.jpg so don`t worry about
downloading them.
Now then, I have done you a favour haven`t I! But not as good as the one you
have done me . Whilst in the area and also mindful of another search I had
promised in the Rowen area just a few miles up the road I called at a
property where I knew an old chap lived who used to make rustic benches and
arches many years ago. I knocked at the door and a voice answered from a
bedroom window. To cut a long story short he asked me where I came from, who
I was, what I did for a living, a real charmingly nosy character. It turned
out that he knew my father who was a butcher in Conwy who used to supply the
Groes Hotel (then owned by his father in law) with their meat. " I know your
Grandfather as well, he married Mrs. Gray, they lived on the Morfa and her
daughter Elsie worked at the chip shop up the top of the High street" Exit
stage left with old chap still talking out of bedroom window. Now then, hear
this, My grandmother died in 1930 before I was born, my grandfather died in
1965. My father died before I became interested in family history and also he
was never very forthcoming in ancestral chit chat so it came as a complete
shot out of the blue for me today. I shall revel in passing the news on to my
brothers and sisters. What a good day!


Keith Roberts, Conwy

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