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From: Glyn Davies <>
Subject: Re: 7th Welsh Regiment
Date: Mon, 07 May 2001 18:30:23 +0100
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Hello Doris,

The 7th Welch Regiment was a Territorial Battalion. Their official
title was the 7th (Cyclist) Battalion.

The 7th Welch was considered a new unit upon its formation in 1908,
although many of its members had transferred from the former 2nd
Volunteer Battalion of the regiment. Their headquarters were at Cardiff
and the several companies were situated around the County of

Both the 1/7th and 2/7th Battalions served in the UK throughout the
First World War. The 3/7th provided personnel for the 3rd Provisional
Cyclist Company and was disbanded in March 1919. The 7th was not
reformed after the war, its members being absorbed into the 6th

Their respective WW1 movements were as follows: -

1/7th (Cyclist) Battalion T.F.

4 Aug 1914 1 Newport Road, Cardiff: unallotted. 1914 to Scotland at
Berwick and Montrose. 1915 to Saltburn. Early 1917 Seaton Carew.
Summer 1917 to Middlesbrough where it remained (Tees Garrison).

2/7th (Cyclist) Battalion T.F.

Formed at Cardiff autumn 1914. By July 1916 at Holt, Norfolk. Early
1917 at Fakenham, attached 223rd Bde. Summer 1917 Holt and 1918
Hunstanton. Summer 1918 Melton Constable where it remained still
attached to the 223rd Bde.

3/7th (Cyclist) Battalion T.F.

Formed at Cardiff in spring 1915. To Milford Haven. About Mar 1916

In the publication 'The British Soldier in the 20th Century - The Welch
Regiment' printed in 1989, on page 7 there is a good photograph of the
7th Welch (T.F.) on parade with their cycles in Cardiff in 1911.

Hope this helps,
Glyndwr (Glyn) Davies,
Chatham, Kent, UK.

> Help
> I wonder if anyone out there has any information on this regiment, active in WWI. Is it still active, a part of something else? Where can I gain information?
> Thanks very much
> Doris Anderson
> Southern California

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