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From: Graham Price <>
Subject: Re: ROGERS
Date: Wed, 09 May 2001 20:36:53 +1000
In-Reply-To: <d2.64698ff.282a04e0@aol.com>

At 12:26 PM 9/05/01, wrote:
>HI Graham and Justine
>Saw the post re ROGERS. What have you guys got that I haven't?
>I am researching ROGERS in the Bettws, Berriew area, and would appreciate any
>information you have.
>Georgina in Orange, California

Yes, well, Georgina, I think I contacted you sometime back. My Rogers were
from Buttington and Welshpool, not all that far from Berriew area you know.
I don't think we found a link. I am stuck at William Rogers born c1799
(Methodist, most likely) can't find him in the parish regs nor in Newtown
circuit, etc.

Anyway re. your query, I have a complete transcript of all ROGERS of
Montomeryshire in the 1851 census, delightfully presented to me by snail
mail from my fifth cousin's wife from Cheshire. Want a look-up, or two or
three? Anyone else need a look-up? Can't scan it, I'm afraid, my scanner is
only a hand held one.

Justine, any links with you? My William is becoming so lonesome! He married
Martha WHETTALL at Forden. There were earlier Rogers there, but no link. I
suspect his father was a farmer somewhere around the Buttington area. I've
checked Leighton registers to no avail, also Alberbury, Shropshire, as it
was a centre where folk came a long way to marry and have their children
baptized. There is one who might fit, but I can't prove it. Anyway the 1841
census says he was born in the county (Montgomeryshire), so that fixes
that. Tried Guilsfield. No luck. Had all the Methodist and Anglican records
from Welshpool. Dead as a doornail. As a result, I think my Rogers rellies
here in Oz may be getting a little irritated with me, having found stacks
on my Price and Peate side, but not much these days pre 1799 on the artful
dodgers, sorry, Rogers.


By the way, all you knowing folk on this list, what is the origin of the
surname ROGERS? Has it come down from Earl Roger of Montgomery, so that
any of his lackeys, servants, etc. took that surname? Or is there another
version? I must admit I haven't really looked at it. Was it previously
ROGET? Anyone got a thesaurus handy!

I'll just curl myself up into a little ball now and go to sleep. I was born
a Leo, see. Purrrhh. Won't disturb you any more.

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