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From: "Janice B. Edwards" <>
Subject: Re: WHERE ARE
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 06:48:58 -0700

For me, Barbara, its just that life's been busy. Final exam tomorrow on a
college course and work to keep the bills paid have taken away time for
genealogy hobby. Once the exam is over with, I'll have a little more free
time again for family history.
I've been reading the messages and have saved some for later.
Janice in USA

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From: Barbara Griffiths <>
To: <>
Date: Tuesday, May 15, 2001 2:50 AM
Subject: Re: WHERE ARE

>> Still can't understand howcome there is so little traffic out there
>> though.This list is normally buzzing by now.......
>I think quite a few of us listers were 'removed' from the list recently (an
>automated response following too many bounced messages - nobody's fault).
>It might just be that the others haven't rejoined yet - I know I wasn't
>going to until I'd heard from my ISP as to what the problem was. But since
>they haven't answered me and Malcolm suggested just rejoining, that's what
>I've done.
>(Why does it happen just when I have a query to ask?!!) (But I'll send
>that separately to this)
>Barbara Griffiths at
>Coventry UK
>Surname interests
>P A R R Y - collecting every reference I can find in MON/HEF/BRE/
>M I N E T T - Particularly HEF/GLS but also anytime/anyplace

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