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Subject: The Welsh in Pennsylvania
Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 21:13:03 -0700

Mike and other interested Listers:

Thanks to Ruth Ann's help in getting me to the Pennsylvania State
Historical Archives, I had tried numerous times to use their search
engine to see in the pamphlet, "The Welsh in Pennsylvania," written by
Mathew Magda. I finally gave up and called theor publications
department. The pamphlet is still being published and two copies are on
their way.

This follows up on the discussion of coal mining companies in the US
advertising to Welsh miners to emigrate. The idea was not only that
perhaps wages were better, but due to land enclosure in Wales and people
being moved off the land and into the cities, the chance that you might
be able to own your own land must have looked pretty appealing.

Apparently, after this discusiion, Ruth Ann located a letter from her
cousin who paraphrased the pamphlet (great memory Ruth Ann!!!). Ruth Ann
passed that info on to the list and the search was on!

Mike if you will e-mail me off-list your mailing address, I will get a
copy out to you posthaste so you may finish your article.

I'll let you all know when I receive my copy and the how and where's to
obtain additional should people have the interest. At this time, I only
have a US toll-free number. The fee for the pamphlet was surprisingly
minimal $1.95.

Talk to you soon,

Dawn Perry-Taft
Central Coast, CA

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