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From: Lawrence Bouett <>
Subject: Re: DNA Study - The Seven Daughters of Eve in Sunday Times today.
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 09:03:28 -0700
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> Hi folks,
> This DNA thing goes back long before any names,etc, as you know. That is why
> this study refers to 7 early females up to 45,000 years ago. We are looking
> at racial groups really, not families. Read the ST item if you can.

Dennis, may I infer your statement above that you are connected with this

> There is only a 0.2% difference in all UK gene DNA they reported some time
> ago! So much for all the Celtic and other tribal ideas. This new study has
> looked at the USA too, a huge melting pot if ever there was one, with very
> little native blood?

Just because there are DNA similarities does not in any way demean the cultural
facts of tribes, does it?

And once again, none of this will help me find the birth certificate of my
great-grandfather, who probably slipped unnoticed into the USA during the

Lawrence Bouett
Santa Cruz, California, USA

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