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From: Angie Stagg <>
Subject: Re; Lynn's virus, and now Jon Hughes!
Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 22:38:30 +0100

Hi Mike and anyone else interested,

I have received several virus attachments via emails and each time,
alongside deleting them (without opening), I also personally notify the
unfortunate, unknowing, sender. I have never (so far) received a virus
attachment back and even if I did I would simply 'delete' again .
Remember to empty your 'trash' (deleted file holder) regularly so to
avoid mistakenly opening from there, if in doubt save the attachment
and scan using your virus scan.
Please remember too that these people have not actually sent you a
message, its the 'infection' doing that and until they receive
communication telling them what's happening they do not know.
I apologize to the list owner for posting this and for making it so long

>From one who has learnt NOT TO PANIC any longer when the dreaded 'V'

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