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From: Alison Bryan <>
Subject: Re: [POWYS] Trefeglwys: one parish study
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2005 18:44:28 +0000
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Thank you to everyone who has replied on this, I appreciate it.

Angie: thanks for alerting to me to 'online parish clerks', I've not
heard of this one before, and its an interesting concept. I hope you
do take up Colva, would be cool to have similar sites.

Mary: thanks for the suggestion re Gigha, will certainly look at it,
to give me some ideas.

Dennis: great news you are willing to help with Trefeglwys. Would
love *any* Trefeglwys content from people, as the site can only be as
good as its content. I will start with what I have, then can build

David: yes I was thinking of the Llangynfelyn site, and anyone who
has ancestry from there is very lucky (i.e. people like you!). Julie
brought this site up with me earlier this week (offlist) and suggested
I contact them. I did this, and got a longish reply from them, which
was useful. Basically I asked if they were doing the site again, how
would they do it differently from what they have learnt / their
experience. What is interesting, the site was first created in 1998,
when websites were much more basic, thus the site still relies heavily
on html, and can be a pain to update / lots of work. Not knocking the
site at all, I think its fab, but thinking from an admin viewpoint.

I'm currently wondering which platform to utilise. (Geek speak coming
up, and I apologise if it goes over some people's heads). A wiki, a
CMS possibly Mambo, or a combination of a blog, TNG, and some html
pages, obviously the same CSS throughout.

The bottom line is how do people want information presented, database
or do they prefer tables on one page? From my point of view, I want a
site with the minimum of work long term maintenance wise, and a site
that various people can contribute to themselves. The point is its a
community site, and it feels owned by everyone / they can contribute.


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