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Subject: Re: [POWYS] Royal Navy records (Was Jones in and around Dowlais)
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006 07:01:05 EST

Dear Venitia, The records are not available outside Kew, which is why it is
usually necessary to employ a researcher, but you can go there yourself,
which is what I did
when I was living nearer London. The charges nowadays are something of the
order of
£15.00 per hour, but as the researcher knows where to look, no time is wasted
with lack of knowing what to do. The last time I employed a researcher, it
took two hours to find the details of the career of a bosun in the Navy.
There are records of both officers and ordinary seamen, and once you have found
which ships they served on, the logs of where these ships went and what they
did are fascinating, but rather time consuming!! I was very disappointed when
the first trip for my great-grandfather was only from Plymouth
to Liverpool for repairs!! Hope this helps

Margaret Sanders from Wiltshire

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